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Dental Implant Video Tips

Dental implants are one of the best dental solutions for replacing missing teeth. Unlike dental bridges and dental crowns, dental implants can last a lifetime.

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Dental implants are probably one of the most exciting things to come along in dentistry, ever. For all time basically, if you had a missing tooth, you had the option of a bridge or a partial or a denture and that really was it.

Dental implants are completely different. They are just like natural teeth. They're anchored right into your jaw and they last as long as normal teeth. They are stronger, you can eat normally with them, and now the technology has become so efficient in putting implants in, many times you can get implants done and be eating the same day. It's a remarkable advancement, even in implants. They were always a terrific addition and a much better solution.

Not having implants, people don't realize can be a real problem wearing bridges and partials. If you have missing teeth, your other teeth will start to move around and you'll lose the strength of all those individual teeth and you'll eventually lose more teeth. The other thing that happens when you're missing teeth is the bone in your jaw tends to recede so that you lose more and more of that tissue because having teeth in your mouth stimulates the jawbone and keeps it full size.

Implants in your mouth will have that same effect as natural teeth. Dental implants are a really great solution if you're missing one or several teeth, so I would check it out.