Video Dental Treatments

Things to know about dental implants, veneers, root canal therapy, Invisalign and more.

Root Canal Video Dental Tip

The dreaded root canal isn't so terrible after all. Why? Watch this root canal dental video, presented by our CEO, Fred Joyal, to get the scoop!

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Dental Implant Video Tips

You've probably heard of dental implants, but do you know why they're considered one of the best solutions for missing teeth? Watch this video to find out.

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Invisalign Video Dental Tip

Invisalign teeth aligners achieve the same great results as traditional dental braces, but Invisalign looks nothing like them. Watch this video for Invisalign facts.

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Sedation Dentistry Video Tip

Not sure if sedation dentistry is right for you? Fred offers his advice on the importance of sedation dentistry. Learn more about your conscious sedation options today.

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Teeth Whitening Video Dental Tip

Fred answers some of the most common questions about teeth whitening, including whether you should use a take-home system or get a teeth whitening treatment from a dentist.

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