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Dental Anxiety Tips

We realize that dental anxiety keeps many people from seeing a dentist. But finding a great dentist who uses new dental technologies can help put you at ease.

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If you're anxious about visiting the dentist, you're not alone. More than 15 percent of the population has some level of dental anxiety. I know I did until I found a great dentist, and I think that's part of the solution -- finding a dentist that you can be really comfortable with that you know cares about you.

You should also know that there's a lot of great new technology that can make dentistry a lot more comfortable. There are things like conscious sedation. There are various tools like lasers and special injection devices that make the shots go a lot more easily and a more comfortably. There are things like same-day restorations that, instead of having a temporary and coming back twice, you can get a crown done all in one visit.

 There are many, many new things and it's constantly being added to. So, find a great dentist by going through us ideally because we bring you dentists that we would recommend to our friends and family, and know that the technology is there to make this an experience that you don't have to be anxious about.