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Practicing good oral hygiene habits is an essental part of your dental care. But regular dental visits are crucial for maintaining the health of your teeth over a lifetime. Watch this dental care video to find out why.

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Can't See the Video? Here's the Transcription: 

Wouldn't it be great if all you had to do was brush your teeth and you never had to go to the dentist? Unfortunately, that's not really true. Even flossing your teeth, that alone won't keep you out of the dentist office, and it's sort of everybody's dream to find that special toothbrush or that system.

But it's important to see a dentist on a regular basis because the bacteria will build up in your mouth and the plaque will build up and you're not gonna be able to get it off with any kind of toothpaste or just by flossing. A dentist can get it clean - the hygienist will get your teeth clean. It'll protect your teeth, it'll protect your gums and dentistry is always better done early. The longer you wait, the worse problems get, the more expensive it's eventually gonna be and the more tooth loss you may experience.

So, regular maintenance is really the key to keeping all your teeth and keeping them healthy and keeping your gums healthy. So, you have to see a dentist every six months. Find a good dentist, find one you like and you'll stay with them and you'll see them regularly. That's my recommendation.