Dental Health Info Article

What Teeth Can Reveal About Health:

While eyes may be the mirror to the soul, teeth and dental problems are excellent indicators of ones total state of health. Despite oral health being its own speciality implemented by dentists, the mouth and all its components not only have their own set of problems (such as tooth decay, cavities and gum disease) the oral cavity can also act as a crystal ball for other general health issues.

Individuals with extremely worn teeth may be suffering from stress, disintegrating teeth may indicate a person is suffering from an intestinal problem called GERD and overgrown gums may indicate that individuals may be having a problem with their medication. However those dental problems are not the only indicators of a general health issues and here are some more from 1-800-Dentist.

Dry Mouth=Sjogren's Syndrome or Diabetes

Everyone can get dry mouth every now and then thanks to behaviors such as mouth breathing, prescription medicine, drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. In their own ways, each one of those behaviors can slow down the production of salvia in an oral cavity, and cause side effects such as bad breath and tooth decay. While in most cases dry mouth is easily reversible and not of major concern, but for chronic sufferers of the condition it can indicate major health issues including Sjogren's syndrome or diabetes.

Sjogren's syndrome is a chronic autoimmune disease that impacts around four millions Americans. Women in their forties primarily suffer from the condition marked by white blood cells attack moisture producing glands. The most common symptoms are dry eyes and a dry mouth; when not properly diagnosed or treated the condition can spread an also cause problems with the central nervous system, kidney, neurological system, liver or pancreas.

In America 8.3 percent of the population are suffering from some type of diabetes (I or II). The health condition has a clear cut link to oral health and dental care; studies have shown that dentists can serve a vital role in diagnosis the condition in pre-diabetics helping manage the nation's struggle with the epidemic and chronic dry mouth is just one of the indicators they can use to diagnose the condition.

White Webbing=Lichen Planus

While lace and patterns may be all the rage on the fashion runways, when the discoloration is found on the inside of cheeks it may be an indicator of a disease called lichen planus. The condition is marked by a whitish, lacy pattern lining the inside of cheeks that can also be coupled with sores and ulcers. According to 1-800-Dentist states "Some experts believe lichen planus is a reaction to viral infections caused by stress."

Chronic Sores=Oral Cancer

Anyone can get a mouth sore from accidentally biting a cheek or eating a food that causes tongue inflammation. Typically those wounds should naturally heal themselves in a brief period of time. Individuals who find that they have open sore that just will not heal should seek professional dental care as it may be an indicator of oral cancer.

Oral cancer is the generic name for when the disease specifically impacts the neck and head region. This particular affliction is known for causing a higher mortality rate than other cancers as the disease typically receives a late diagnosis and by that time, the infection has spread elsewhere. Early diagnosis of the condition is essential to winning the battle, as according to 1-800-Dentist "...early detection of oral cancer symptoms can result in an 80 to 90 percent recovery rate."

Individuals who are experiencing oral and dental problems such as unexplained sores, chronic dry mouth or unusual changes in skin appearance should schedule an appointment with a dental care provider in order to receive a proper diagnosis and even dental treatments to help the issue. Those looking to find a dentist up to the task can dial 1-800-Dentist, 24/7 to get the name of a provider up to the task.