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Oral Cancer Virus Prevalent in Men:

Men have often been considered the weaker sex in regards to dental care as research has indicated that the male species is less than likely to go to the dentist than their female counterparts. As a result, XY chromosome holders have higher occurrences of dental problems including gum disease. New findings have revealed that oral cancer is also more common in men than women.

The results of a survey administered by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) analyzed the perceptions of men and dental care. Around 290 general dentists and consumers participated in the research and the results painted men in a less than flattering light; 45 percent of the group believed that men did not need regular dental check ups. That belief may prompt some guys to skip the dentist, resulting in the fact that more guys than gals are unknowingly walking around with the virus known for causing oral cancer.

More Men Carry Oral Cancer Virus

Every human mouth is filled with an intricate network of teeth and tissue that allow for proper communication and mastication. Oral bacteria by the thousands (that assist in digestion) are part of the package. Sadly, for around 10 percent of men, carrying the virus responsible for oral human papilloma virus (HPV) infections are also included in the mix.

The findings were discovered by a study conducted at The Ohio State University. Researchers analyzed data collected from over 5,500 men and women in the United States. The research included questions regarding sexually activity and substance abuse and the analysis of oral cells for the human papilloma virus (mouths were cleaned with a mouth rinse for 30 seconds and were exfoliated). The results showed that approximately 10 percent of men aged 14 to 69 have an oral HPV infection as compared with 3.6 percent of women.

Carriers of HPV are 16 to 14 times more likely to develop oral cancer than individuals without the infection. The viral strain has been linked to causing a variety of oral cancers including (but not limited to) oropharyngeal cancers, as well as diseases of the tongue, the tonsils or back of the mouth.

How To Protect Yourself

The human body is an intricate system replete with many parts. In order to lower the odds of any disease eating a healthy diet (rich in leafy greens), exercising and practicing daily oral hygiene of brushing and flossing are the very first steps to gaining control. Then taking it further by remembering (and following) the "garbage in garbage out" mantra to limit or eliminate negative vices such as smoking, consuming alcohol and drinking soda will also do wonders.

Despite how well you follow the recommended strategies, oral cancer can happen to anyone as the facts are, individuals over the age of 40 are at an increased risk and the HPV virus is easily spread through kissing. The best move YOU can make is making sure to visit your dentist to get regular oral cancer exams to catch the culprit early on. The process is pain-free that should only take about 5 to 15 minute to complete. During the oral cancer screening, a dentist will examine the entire mouth (roof and floor), tongue (top and bottom), lips, cheeks, jaw and neck for visual indications of the condition and need be, a biopsy will be taken for a proper diagnosis.

No matter if you are a man, woman or child, conquering dental anxiety in order to get the opinion of a professional dental care expert is the best defense against oral cancer and any type of dental problem. Individuals ready to take the leap into proper oral care, 1-800-DENTIST can quickly connect them to a great dentist, perfectly suited for their needs.