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How to Avoid Tooth Discoloration:

Tooth discoloration can be an embarrassing condition that can prevent individuals from putting their best smiles forward. Tooth color naturally varies in shades of yellow, gray or blue depending on the individual and while dulling teeth is a normal side effect of aging, multicolored teeth are not.

Stained teeth can be caused either by surface stains from outside influences or can occur when tooth interior sections have darkened intrinsically due to aging, medicine or trauma. While no one can stop themselves from aging and that subsequent tooth discoloration, many stains are preventable and can be easily avoided in the first place.

Smoking, A Smile Killer

Smoking is not glamorous and the habit has been associated with slews of health problems including cancer, heart disease and premature aging. Aside from being toxic, smoking can negatively impact oral health as the activity may result in tooth discoloration, stained teeth, gum disease, oral cancer and mouth sores.

Cigarettes contain more than 400 chemical compounds and a minimum of 400 toxic substances. Upon inhaling the harmful cocktail of nicotine and carbon monoxide, resin will end up of teeth. The tar by-product is incredibly adhesive and even rigorous tooth brushing cannot remove the compound. Ultimately that waste will build up and will strip teeth of their natural luster and result in stains that may can only be removed through professional dental cleanings and professional teeth whitening. Kicking the smoking habit will automatically reduce the odds of those poisons killing a smile.

Beverages and Foods Can Stain and Erode Teeth

Eating a nutritious diet is vital to oral health and the beverage chosen to accompany the meal can make or break a smile. Because of their dark colors, coffee, black tea, red wine, dark berries and colas can dye teeth and make them look brown. Each of the beverages features pigments that are strong enough to penetrate tooth enamel.

Some individuals think that they might dodge the tooth discoloration by choosing to consume white wine as their alcoholic beverage of choice, however stained teeth are still a possibility. Although the near translucent nature of white wine may look less harmful because of the lighter color, the beverage is known for being highly acidic. The problems caused by the acidity of white wine are two fold. That acid can erode the light colored dental plaque is left untouched it can harden and become stubborn tartar. While tartar is colorless, it is dull and can make a smile appear lack-luster. Once in position, tartar will act like a sponge and can absorb the pigments from the foods and beverages known for dulling teeth. The more color that is absorbed, the darker tartar will appear making teeth look yellow or brown.

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