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Dental Problems of Presidents:

Each and every American President has followed a different path to their stay at the White House. However, since the invention of television and the role of media in politics, looks have become increasingly important to becoming elected and a great smile filled with white teeth has always been part of the beauty formula. However, that was not always the case and some of the nation's best Presidents have been saddled with some of the worst dental health issues and dental problems imaginable.

The nation's very first leader, George Washington, was known for many fine attributes, but his dental health was not one of them. As a result he became a nearly life-long denture wearer and those infamous teeth became the center of a dental urban legend. At the time of his leadership, the science of dental care was still in its infancy and no one begrudged him for his natural toothless smile. Thanks to the thoughtful evolution of dental care, he was not the only world leader to have bad teeth (

Abraham Lincoln=Dental Anxiety

Abraham Lincoln was the nation's 16th president who earned the nickname of the Great Emancipator as he freed the slaves. He bravely choose this path despite the strong objections of other politicians and statesmen and that helps deliver the impression that he was one of the bravest Presidents to have ever ruled the nation. Despite that image, rumor has it the gutsy leader also suffered from dental anxiety.

Dental anxiety is a condition marked by having a fear of visiting a dentist and as a result it can prevent individuals from seeking the professional dental care they seek. The fear of the dentist has been linked to a number of factors including having red hair, fear of the dental drill or trauma. Lincoln apparently felt his stress courtesy of the latter.

Rumor has it that his fear was rightfully triggered by the faulty work of a dentist. The story suggest that Lincoln was undergoing a tooth extraction sans anesthesia (as that dental aid did not exist at the time). During the dental treatment his dentist accidentally broke off part of his jaw bone. As a result, Lincoln reportedly delivered his own form of sedation dentistry and utilized chloroform for all of his future dental visits.

John Adams=Lisping Leader

John Adams was not only a founding father, but the nation's 2nd president. He was Washington's Vice President, a writer of the Declaration of Independence and worked diligently to help garner the funding necessary for helping the United State's launch as a country. Adams was elbow deep with the developing nation and devoted his time to that task, not visiting the dentist for any type of preventative care.

Legend has it that Adams had a love affair with tobacco and was a smoker from age eight into adult hood. Smoking and ignoring his dental health are attributed to him loosing all his teeth. Even though his friend Washington could have referred him to his dentist to get custom dentures, Adams simple opted to go au naturel and that resulted in him speaking with a lisp.

Ronald Reagan=TMJ

During the 1980's, Ronald Reagan ruled the nation. The nation's 40th President helped rise to office as he was a former Hollywood actor who knew how to utilize his charisma and good looks to climb the political ladder. He was know for launching "Reaganomics," his love of jelly-beans and and for having TMJ. defines Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) as being a  "...syndrome [that] is a complex disorder affecting -- in different ways and to different degrees -- the jaw joints, facial muscles, facial nerves and surrounding tissues." The source also states that 90 percent of TMJ suffers are women, but Reagan still could not beat the odd.

In December, 1977 Reagan had experienced jaw pain on the left side of his mouth. The condition was diagnosed as the degeneration of the temporomandibular joint. The condition was treated with cortisone injection (a common fix) and that allowed him to avoid additional pain for three years.

No matter if you think you are running for political office or are simply looking to advance your professional career, having an attractive smile will work wonders. Hiring personnel are gauging a multitude of factors and looks that may reflect declining dental health,  may subconsciously make the decision not to add someone with a lack luster grin or who chooses not smile to the ranks. Fortunately a call to 1-800-Dentist can help those in need find a great cosmetic dentist in order to correct issues preventing advancement.