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Dental News, the Truth is Stranger than Fiction:

Many people start their day with a jolt of caffeine and a review of news headlines before kicking it into gear. Depending on the information, some individuals may end up questioning the validity of the tales they have just heard. However when it comes to dental news, there should be no reason to doubt stories, as when it comes to dentistry, the truth is stranger than fiction.

Strange dental news is not difficult to find, 1-800-DENTIST has produced some info on the topic in the past. However, as time marches on and individuals act on their own accord, they unwittingly provide us with even more fodder for our creative yarn. Following are some dental care tales from the latter part of 2011, some of which may make you recoil in disgust while others may cause and eyebrow to be raised in disbelief!

Son Pulls Own Teeth, Dad Ends Up in Jail

Parents worried about the dental health of their charges know that bringing their offspring to regular dental exams and visits is an essential part of the process. Francisco Torres of Eastern Pennsylvania appeared to not to review the handbook on children's dental care and as a result is now facing jail time surrounding how he handled his teenage son's pleas to be taken to the dentist.

Torres simply ignored his son's cry for help and as a result, his child attempted his own tooth extractions to relive the discomfort associated with his dental problems. According to a report in The Express-Times of Easton, PA Torres has an extremely long RAP sheet, and his guilty plea surrounding the misdemeanor charge recklessly endangering another person is the latest addition to his dysfunctional list of accomplishments.

According to the paper, the 14 year old had complained to his father about toothaches and dental problems for six months and Torres simply "procrastinated" and did not bring his child to the dentist to remedy in the issue. Once the pain became too unbearable, the son tried to address the issue himself by taking a pair of pliers to his own teeth. The son attempted two tooth extractions, which resulted in a major dental emergency requiring dental surgery to remove the fragments and dental mess left behind.

Torres recently plead guilty to the crime and blamed the issue on a mix of dental insurance coverage and his own neglect in the case. His crime can earn him a maximum two-year jail stay. It has been estimated that his jail time may actually range from 6 to 16 months because of his previous record.

Sex Doll to Help Dental Students

Any professional dentist first starts out as a mere mortal with a desire to help others improve dental care. Becoming a professional dentist takes years of education, training and residency work and thanks to Japanese scientists, future dentists no longer have to practice their craft on humans. A robotics team has created as a robotic doll that can be considered the more innocent sister of Love Dolls (produced by Orient Industry) as she is primed to become the guinea pig for dental students.

'Her' name is Showa Hanako 2 and she was introduced to the public via a 2011 press conference by roboticists at Japan's Showa University. Showa has been created using the life-like materials that give Love Dolls their oomph, specifically the skin, teeth and mouth used in the designs. However, this beauty has been created to allow dentists to simulate a real-life check-up and provide the dentists in training with on the spot training. Showa is capable of sneezing, shaking her head, coughing, gagging and can close her mouth when her jaw has gotten tired (;nsref=online-news). She also has voice recognition technology that will force dentists in training to remember their conversational skills. After the work is done, the robot will produce a data analysis of student’s work.

Dentist Suspended for Putting the "Ass" in "Class"

Most dentists (like 1-800-DENTIST members) take their role surrounding dental health extremely seriously and in return, their patients to do the same. One dentist from across the pond has failed miserably at his task and instead has had his license suspended over a multitude of infractions "including farting and belching in front of patients and staff," (

The British General Dental Council reported that Matthew Walton was being removed from the country's official Dentist's Register because of his unprofessional behavior. Walton is accused of conducting distasteful biological functions, swearing, telling patients they had bad breath and making lewd hand gestures at his place of employment, a dental clinic in Whitchurch, Shropshire England. Walton fessed up to some of his childish and unprofessional and as a result he is no longer able to legally work as a dentist in the UK.