Dental Health Info Article

Dental Myths Worth Busting:

Nearly everyone knows that oral hygiene is an important behavior for the health of teeth and general well being. Unfortunately, there are plenty of confusing dental tips out there making it necessary to cut through the all the bad dental care instructions to find the best behaviors for dental health. Relax as 1-800-Dentist is here to bust those dental health myths.

Throughout history, dentistry has evolved from ancient practices delivered during the Dark Ages, to a branch of modern medicine based on science. Thanks to advancements in the field it is now known that dental plaque (not dental worms) and dental neglect contribute to a majority of dental problems including tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. Despite the knowledge in the industry, there are still some erroneous info floating about, so here is the truth!

Myth: Hard Toothbrushes Are Best

For countless years, humans have tried to clean teeth with the help of primitive devices such as cloth, ash and twigs. However, when nylon toothbrushes went mainstream in the 1950s, the oral hygiene industry was never the same. Now there are a plethora of toothbrushes to choose from and some may believe hard bristles are the most effective for removing dental plaque. Nothing is further from the truth as the reality is hard toothbrushes can actually destroy an oral cavity.

Hard toothbrushes can be incredibly stiff and as a result, can actually contribute to excessive wear on tear on teeth and gums. Using hard bristled toothbrushes have been linked to conditions such as gum recession, exposing dentin and tooth sensitivity.

Instead, using a malleable soft bristled toothbrush is the wiser choice. The bristles for these types of toothbrushes will more easily bend and conform to teeth, allowing for the bristles to reach into crevices while still being gentle on vulnerable dental enamel.

Dentist Visits Twice a Year: Myth

Visiting a professional dentist is a must for dental health; the trained professional will ensure teeth are clean by removing tartar and can deliver dental treatments and preventative dentistry strategies to promote dental health. While some people may need to visit their dentist frequently, going to the dental clinic only once a year is enough for most patients.

Rumor has it the the "visit your dentist twice a year" myth was part of a toothpaste advertising campaign created by big brains on Madison Ave. The fact is there is no science that backs this up. Unless advised otherwise, visiting a dentist once a year should provide the adequate levels of attention for individuals who practice exceptional oral hygiene as well as eating a diet rich in nutritious foods and low in sugars and simple carbohydrates.

Brush and Floss Two Times a Day= Myth

Individuals must implement a oral hygiene strategy to lower levels of dental plaque and to boost dental health. The reality is that individuals should brush their teeth twice a day and floss only once to get the best benefits from the act.

Conventional wisdom has advised people to brush teeth twice a day and floss twice. As a result, they may become a little bit lax and may deliver less effective cleaning sessions. Individuals are still encouraged to brush their teeth twice a day (once in the morning for fresh breath and at night to lower dental plaque levels) for two minutes a session and to only floss once a day, but to do it really, really well.

Individuals looking for the most accurate information regarding dental health and oral care should seek the advice of a professional dentist. If you need to find a dentist, all you need to do is call 1-800-Dentist, 24/7 and our skilled operators will connect you with an excellent provider in a snap.