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June 27, 2012 - Patient Activator® Sends Reminders in Your Voice, with 1-Click Confirmation

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 27, 2012) – Patient Activator®, 1-800-DENTIST’s award-winning patient communications service, today announced the release of Live Call with Confirmation: a newly upgraded feature that helps dental offices reach 100% of their patient base and confirm more appointments, automatically. 

Combined with the service’s text and email reminders, Live Call helps dentists connect with all scheduled patients to eliminate no-shows and last minute cancellations. Recorded in the dentist’s or front office staff’s own voice, the calls display the practice phone number on patients’ caller ID. These appointment reminders can be automatically generated each day, directly from the practice management software. Most importantly, with the most recent enhancements, patients can now confirm appointments right from their phone keypad. 

“With the addition of Live Call, dental offices can effortlessly reach out to all their patients, whether they prefer to communicate via email, text or telephone” said Fred Joyal, founder of 1‑800-DENTIST. “Patients appreciate hearing a familiar office voice and love being able to confirm with the push of a button. And office staff are freed up to focus on their most important calls and practice responsibilities, while still ensuring each appointment is confirmed in advance.”

When patients confirm, the dental office is notified via email, as well as on their online dashboard. There’s also a daily report that can be printed out each morning showing which patients have already confirmed their appointments, and how – via email, text or phone. The system is proven to dramatically reduce holes in the schedule while giving the front office more time for countless other important duties including patient interaction, billing and appointing new patients. 

Live Call is an optional add-on to the Patient Activator service, which is offered at a fraction of the price of other reminder services. The appointment reminders are part of a suite of new phone-based reminders that can also motivate patients to schedule recare appointments and reactivate dormant patients.

“Patient Activator® is good for dentists, good for staff and good for patients” said Fred Joyal. “We’re constantly adding new features to help dental offices save time and generate more revenue while keeping their patient base loyal and happy. And even more is still to come!” 

In addition to automated patient reminders, Patient Activator offers a suite of social media and online marketing tools to help dentists promote themselves on Facebook, protect their online reputation, increase their online presence and attract more new patients. The service offers the industry’s best customer service -- unlimited live phone support with a friendly tech team -- and is one of the only patient communication services dedicated exclusively to dentistry. It’s also the only software supported by 1-800-DENTIST, the nation’s premier dental marketing company since 1986.

About 1-800-DENTIST®

1-800-DENTIST has been the nation’s premier dental marketing company since 1986, helping thousands of successful dentists grow their business. Beginning as a lead generation company for dentists, the program has delivered over 7 million new patient leads to member dentists. Today, 1-800-DENTIST is a total marketing resource for dentists, offering multiple products to help dentists attract, retain and optimize patients. In addition to its flagship PatientProducer® program (new patient leads), the company also offers PatientActivator® (automated patient communications and online marketing), ReputationMonitor® (online reputation management), ReActivator® (dormant patient reactivation) and WebDirector® (websites and online identity).

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