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Five Steps to Making Your Dental Office Fun

By Fred Joyal 
CEO & Co-Founder of 1-800-DENTIST

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Here's a scenario. A person walks back into their job after a dental appointment and a co-worker asks, "Where were you?" "I was at the dentist." "Ohh," the person winces, "I hate dentists." And the person replies, "Are you kidding? I love my dentist! It's so much fun to visit that office I look forward to it. It's the high point of my day." The co-worker stares at them in amazement.

This isn't only possible, it happens all the time. Because successful offices know how to make their office fun to go to. Here are five reasons why you should would want your practice to be fun and five steps on how to make it happen:

Reason #1. One of the key things about a successful, thriving dental practice is that the environment is very different from a "doctor's office." It is essential to distance yourself as much as possible from the medical office experience. You know the kind of places I mean-you've been there-everybody's waiting, files piled to the ceiling, white walls and beige counters and those flickering fluorescent lights. The staff is too busy, and they don't seem to care if you're happy or miserable because insurance pays them exactly the same amount no matter how you feel. When I look at practices that are booming, they are also fun places for people to visit.

Reason #2. This is very important: The impression people have of your practice relies heavily on how they perceive your staff and office environment. After all, they really don't have a way of assessing your clinical skills. So instead, they go by initial impressions, and few of these are created by all the C.E. that you've done. Like it or not, when people feel good about your office and your staff, they think you're a great dentist. It's human nature.

Reason #3. Now couple that with the fact that many people have a certain amount of reluctance about visiting the dentist. It's an easy thing to put off, or avoid altogether. But if they like your staff, and experience a fun environment, it can totally change their perception and overall experience of dentistry and make them more accepting of dental treatment as a result. In other words, make it fun and your production will rise accordingly.

Reason #4. Everybody knows that word of mouth is the best advertising. Imagine your patients telling their friends and coworkers how much they enjoy their dental visit. On word alone, some of them will decide that they have to experience it for themselves.

Reason #5 is perhaps the most important one. Since your practice is where you will be going to work every day for the next 20 years, why not make it fun? Why not add to the enjoyment of your professional success? Makes sense, right? Good.