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Free Tooth Fairy Activities for Kids!

Though the Tooth Fairy only comes around once in a while, he always leaves something behind. Your little ones will love these Tooth Fairy activities - and they can enjoy them all year round! Remember the Tooth makes matching a blast. And this time, kids will love getting into Double Trouble. The Tooth Is Out There and Winging It are sure to keep them a-mazed for a while. Tooth Fairy is available on Blu-Ray and DVD May 4th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Remember the Tooth

The Tooth Fairy version of "Concentration," this activity will help flex your little ones' memory muscles. The goal is to collect the most pairs: Cut the cards and place them face down. One player turns two cards over, one at a time. If they're a match, the player takes the pair. If not, turn the cards back over and take turns searching for pairs!

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