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There’s no telling when a dental emergency will strike. From a filling suddenly coming loose to a tooth being knocked clean out in a freak accident, it’s always good to know that you can have emergency dentist ready to help at any time of day, any day of the week. We can help connect you to a local emergency dentist, so you aren’t left waiting for regular office hours.

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Reviews From Verified Dental Emergency Patients Near Sacramento, Stockton, or Modesto

Kenneth B.

Great experience having a fallen-off crown recemented quickly at last minute before a 2-week overseas trip. Very professional, friendly, accommodating. Highly recommended!

Lafalina P.

Took in my son for an emergency treatment n we left happy n satisfied. She fixed the problem among doing her own scheduled appointments. Will return for a further treatment.


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A Modesto Dental Design Studio, we pride ourselves in having a team who is kind, welcoming, and highly experienced. Your treatment will be carried out with care and professionalism, and our services include braces, teeth whitening and cosmetic services, TMJ treatment, dentures, and root canals.

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Common Dental Emergency Procedure Costs Near Sacramento, Stockton, or Modesto

Knocked-Out Teeth – Average cost: $2,848

A knocked-out tooth, also known as tooth avulsion is about as serious a dental emergency as you can have, and you should get to a dentist as soon as possible. It’s perfectly possible to replant a loose tooth so long as you get to a dental professional fast enough. Your dentist may be able to cleanly and easily reset the tooth but you may also require root canal treatment. The price of treatment for a tooth avulsion is around $2,848.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth – Average cost: $752

Teeth that are cracked or chipped are open to infection, so even if they aren’t causing you much pain, it’s a good idea to head to a dentist as soon as possible. A dentist will assess the damage and the precise service will change from case to case. Treatment costs approximately $752.

Abscessed Teeth – Average cost: $100

An abscessed tooth is a serious issue that should be looked at by a dentist as soon as possible. Abscesses point to an infection that can quickly develop into something more serious, so emergency treatment is recommended. Your dentist will have to drain the tooth and may have to cut into the tooth to do so. Treatment for this in Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto is around $100.

Lost Filling – Average cost: $143

Losing a filling can be a sudden dental issue, frustrating at best and extremely painful at worse. Fillings are put in to cover cavities, and no matter how long you may have had yours, that doesn’t mean an exposed cavity will be any less painful now it has been uncovered. Your dentist may have to perform an X-ray, a root canal or a deep clean to assess and treat the tooth, with prices generally being around $143.

Lost Crown – Average cost: $1,139

A crown coming away from a tooth can sometimes be a surprisingly easy fix, with the dentist simply re-fitting it, in other cases, though, it might suggest decay, and your dentist will have to perform a deep clean and other treatments to ensure the crown can be securely and safely refitted. Expect to pay around $1,139.

Broken Braces and Wires – Average cost: $114

Braces and orthodontics can be tough to care for whether for teens or adults, so when things go wrong, you’re best to seek expert advice. A snapped brace wire, chipped plate or similar issue may not seem serious in itself, but sharp edges in the mouth can lead to cuts and bleeding, and if you hold off on getting treatment, you may find you wake up with cuts and grazes along your cheeks and tongue. Getting broken braces fixed costs around $114

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What Isn't a Dental Emergency?

It may seem like anything less than normal counts as an emergency when it comes to your oral health, but not everything requires an urgent trip to the dentist. If you find you can tolerate any discomfort – you can use over-the-counter painkillers for this – and are able to keep the area as clean as possible, then waiting for regular appointment hours should be fine. If you’ve lost a tooth, have badly cracked a tooth or have broken braces, you must see a dentist as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentist FAQ

Are there emergency dentists in Sacramento, Stockton, or Modesto that perform emergency dental services 24/7?

Yes, there are numerous dentists in Sacramento, Stockton, or Modesto who are available 24/7. Just give us a call, and we can connect you to a dental professional who offers out-of-hours care.

What is the easiest way for me to book an appointment for an emergency dentist near Sacramento, Stockton, or Modesto?

Connect with us at 1-800-DENTIST® for a list of local recommendations.

Can I go to an emergency room to treat dental emergencies?

For serious injuries, like those caused by head trauma or which are bleeding profusely you can head to the ER, otherwise, you should head to your local emergency dentist. The ER may be able to assist to an extent, but they have limited resources for specific dental emergencies.

What are the normal operating hours for dentists in Sacramento, Stockton, or Modesto?

This is variable from dentist to dentist, but standard hours are generally 7am – 6pm. Emergency dentists, on the other hand, offer a much more flexible set of operating hours.

Are most local emergency dentists open on Saturday and Sundays?

You should always call ahead to see if your emergency dentist is open if it is a Saturday or Sunday, as even if they are open, they may operate shorter hours.

Do weekend Sacramento, Stockton, or Modesto dentists near me cost more?

Prices are changeable from place to place, although generally speaking, emergency dentists cost more on account of their added flexibility and ability to offer out-of-hours care.

Top Emergency Dental Insurances

Metlife logo

MetLife offers dental coverage that matches the needs of your lifestyle and budget. From flexible PPO plans to HMO and managed care plans, MetLife also offer a uniquely flexible life-long plan that adapts to your circumstances. Their huge network of professionals means an emergency dentist will be easy to find.

Delta Dental
Delta Dental logo

74 million people have chosen Delta Dental to cover their oral health needs, enjoying the convenience of their 500,000 locations and network of professionals. A great choice for ensuring you can always find an emergency dentist, Delta Dental PPO, and HMO plans ensure you can enjoy flexible and affordable coverage.

Aetna logo

Offering a range of coverage including PPO, PDN, and dental indemnity plans, Aetna boasts a broad network that covers tens of thousands of locations to get you quickly and easily connected to a dental professional.

Cigna logo

With over 286,000 locations and 90,000 dentists in their network, Cigna is a great choice for those who want to be in easy reach of a dental professional. Ease of booking, PPO and HMO plans and cost-effective options make Cigna a great choice for emergency coverage.

Guardian logo

The DentalGuard Preferred Network connects you to professionals in your area with ease, whether you opt for the PPO or DHMO plan, or both. Over 8 million members choose Guardian, and it’s easy to find an emergency dentist in your area. Roll-overs add a helping hand, so you can put any unused benefits towards your next treatment.

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How To Handle Dental Emergencies

Broken Tooth

A broken tooth should be looked at by a dental professional as soon as possible as the damage opens the tooth to infection and bacteria. You should try to keep the tooth as clean as possible with rinses of warm saltwater.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Perhaps the most serious and panic-inducing dental emergency of all, if you have had a tooth knocked out, you absolutely must get to a dentist as soon as possible. It’s perfectly possible to replant a lost tooth, so long as it is done within 30 minutes, or certainly within the hour. You should try to keep the tooth in its socket if you can, otherwise you can keep it against your cheek or in a cup of saliva or milk. Do not touch the tooth by the root if you can help it, hold it by the crown, the top, to prevent any further damage.

Bleeding Soft Tissue Injury

Cuts and grazes inside the mouth should be kept clean with warm salt water, which will also aid in recovery. If you are suffering from any pain, over-the-counter medications may help. Bleeding can be managed by using a piece of gauze and applying with light pressure.


A toothache can sometimes be a passing issue and not necessarily a sign of anything more serious, but if the pain persists you should see a dentist. Over-the-counter painkillers and ice packs can help with the discomfort. If you feel like there may be something causing the issue, like food or a foreign object lodged between your teeth, carefully try flossing the tooth to see if you can remove it.

Lost Filling

Lost fillings can open sensitive cavities to food and bacteria, and even brushing against it with your tongue may prove extremely painful. Clove oil can help lessen the pain, as can over-the-counter painkillers. You can also purchase dental cement to act as a temporary buffer until you make it to the dentist.