Dental Health Info Article

The Worst Foods For Your Smile:

There is no way to discredit the value of a healthy diet in regards to overall well being and the relationship takes on a more important role in regards to dental health. Eating the wrong foods has been proven to negatively impact oral health as certain treats have been linked to increasing levels of bacteria that causes cavities, erosion of tooth enamel and vitamin and mineral deficiencies that influences gum disease. Here are some of the worst culprits contributing to America's dental problems.

Sour Candy Contributes to Tooth Enamel Erosion

Some individuals favor getting a sugar rush via sour candy and that puckery preference may cause slews of dental woes including cavities, tooth sensitivity, staining and dulling smiles. The high levels of acid associated with the confectionery delight are considered to be a known tooth assassin.

Sour candies start with a mouth watering punch courtesy of low pH levels and high acidic additives with a content equivalent in strength to battery acid. Water has a neutral acid level of 7-pH and any balance beneath that level is considered to be highly acidic. According to Dr. John Ruby of the University of Alabama School of Dentistry, battery acid has a 1-pH balance while sour candy has acid levels ranging between 3-pH to 1.6-pH. Sour candy flavors as lemon and cherry have the acid levels associated with a battery. Ultimately, high acid levels can weaken tooth enamel. Naturally tooth enamel is highly mineralized and extremely hard, however scientists have discovered foods with a pH level of 4 or less can erode enamel and expose dentin.

Consumers who favor this type of tart treat should limit sour candy consumption, choose hard sour candies as gummy sours may stick to teeth. After consuming the treats drinking water can prevent erosion.