Jeffrey O Ross, DMD

Jeffrey O Ross, DMD

10980 SW Barnes Rd

Portland, OR 97225


About Our Office

Let us show you how sedation dentistry can change your dental experience. We can fix your teeth, restore sore gums and brighten your smile without discomfort. You can relax while we provide years of work in just a few visits. We provide general dentistry for all ages, plus several treatments to give you the smile of your dreams. We also provide emergency dental care.

Languages Spoken
  • English
  • Academy of General Dentistry

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  • Carecredit
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Jeffrey O Ross, DMD
Jeffrey O Ross, DMD
Oregon Health & Science University 1977

Services We Offer

  • Anesthesia-Sedation
    • nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
    • oral sedation
    • sleep dentistry
    • local anesthesia
    • IV sedation (in office)
    • sedation dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    • LUMINEERS® by Cerinate®
    • Zoom!® (1 hour in-office teeth whitening process)
    • Nite White® teeth whitening
    • Teeth Whitening
    • dental bonding
    • porcelain dental veneers
  • Endodontics
    • root canal therapy
  • Oral Surgery
    • simple tooth extractions
    • impacted wisdom teeth
    • dental implants (surgical placement)
    • non-impacted wisdom teeth
  • Other Clinical Services
    • dental sealants
    • Breath Rx®
  • Periodontics
    • limited gum surgery
    • gingivitis
    • gum surgery
    • non-surgical gum treatment
    • root planing
    • scaling
  • Restorative Dentistry
    • composite (tooth-colored) dental fillings
    • dental inlays
    • dental onlays
    • dental crowns
    • dental bridges
    • dental implants (restoration)
    • partial dentures
    • dentures (upper and lower)
    • denture repair
  • Special Needs Met
    • wheelchair access requirements
  • Technology
    • intraoral camera

Complimentary Amentities

  • wheelchair access requirements



Patient Reviews

  • Richard R.
    Verified Patient 
    Office cleanliness
    Staff friendliness
    Short wait time
    Chairside manner
    Explained treatment
    made my visit enjoyable. made me not mind going to dentist again.
  • Concepcion M.
    Verified Patient 
    Office cleanliness
    Staff friendliness
    Short wait time
    Chairside manner
    Explained treatment
    verry good
  • CAROL C.
    I am ecstatic with my new dentist. The 1800DENTIST CSR who helped me listened to my concerns and knew exactly where to send me. And she was spot on. My new dentist is right down the street from me, and he specializes in patients with high anxiety (he takes patients who aren't anxious too - it's important to note that!). His hours are convenient, he's in a great location, and I didn't have to wait months to see him - they got me right in within days of calling at a time that was easy for me. I definitely recommend Dr. Ross for anyone who's looking for a dentist, but especially for patients who haven't been to the dentist in a long time out of fear. He and his staff will take care of you.
    As it turns out, I will not be seeing this dentist after all. I was looking for a dental plan or dental insurance, or something for which I did not need hundreds of dollars up-front, and was able to find one. Yes, I do have to wait to get my sore tooth attended to, but hopefully I'll be able to save the money I will need by the time I need it. Also, I believe the costs will be quite a bit lower and the tooth has stopped hurting for now. Thank you for your interest.
    I did not like the dentist at all. He was not sincere and I did not trust him. Was also not very near my home.
  • BOB W.
    Thank you for your match, it was perfect.
  • MARY T.
    Even though I wasnt the one being seen, the staff made me feel welcome and comfortable. Dr. Ross took the time to see us the same day we called and took care of an emergancy situation. Over all the staff was light-hearted and very friendly.
  • EMILY C.
    Dr. Ross is amazing!! After finding out that I'm going to school for medical assisting, he started talking to me like a medical assistant, and tested me on some of my knowledge! He made sure I always knew what was going on while he was working on me, and cracked jokes the entire time! For a person that hated going to the dentist, he's made a new patient out of me!
    The dentist and receptionists were absolutely wonderful. i would totally recommend this office to friends.
  • BECKY C.
    I actually did not end up going to this dental office. I did schedule an appointment, but the receptionist called back to cancel the day before the appointment. That in itself would not have been enough to keep me from going in, but I was very disappointed to find out that the receptionist did not contact my previous dentist. I was told this was because I was unable to give her the exact phone number (I told her a couple of numbers I thought it COULD be but didn't know the number off-hand for sure), although I did give her the name of the practice. I work at the front desk of a veterinary hospital, and we oftentimes look up phone numbers in order to locate previous records, so I don't think this was an appropriate excuse.
  • DAVID B.
    Dr. Ross was an exceptional dentist. Didn`t miss a step, and was able to extract my ever so troublesome tooth with little trouble.
  • NADIA L.
    It was fast and efficient. Dentist was caring and professional. I am very happy with their service. Thank you.
  • DAVID D.
    Dr. Ross did a great job on my brother. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you for all your help. Regards, David Doran
    Temisha was very helpful, ended up going to the dentist and it went very well and he worked with me, very grateful, thank you....