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Some people grow up wanting to be a dentist. Even Hermey (the elf from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) longed to improve the dental health of his fellow elves, but Santa Claus should have known better to let the little imp pull the tooth of the Abominable Snow Monster without a license.

Becoming a professional dentist takes many years of education requiring a bachelor's degree, post graduate studies, residencies and state board examinations. Despite the laws, some individuals have foolishly chosen to ignore the legalities of the system and instead have opted to bleach teeth or drill on their own. In return, they have been penalized by the long-arm of the law.

Fake Dentist Busted in New York

With a population just exceeding 22,000, Peekskill New York may be considered a sleepy little hamlet by some. The city first launched as a center to American industry and has managed to stay under the radar since that time. That changed after amateur dental care practitioner Carlos Flores opted to use his kitchen as a dental clinic and his faulty tooth extraction sent one of his 'patients' to get emergency dental care at a local hospital.

Carlos Flores was charged with operating an illegal dental office in his the kitchen of his Peekskill home. Instead of providing his patients (AKA victims) with painkillers or sedation dentistry options, he provided them with wine from a jug (Associate Press, 2008). In addition to the illegal setup, Flores was also busted for having unsterilized and bloody dental tools, pharmaceutical grade dental medicines and two free-roaming birds on site.

Tooth Whitening Deemed Illegal

Cosmetic dentistry is a booming business that generates billions in revenue annually. It is no wonder that there are plenty of dental wanna-bes who wants to get in on the action and one Warrington, London resident was just busted for trying to get his cut without the proper license required in the country.

Paul William Hill, the Director of PW Healthcare Consulting Limited, pleaded guilty to 4 offenses that included practicing dentistry while not being registered as a dentist or dental care in the local system. The charges were brought once it was discovered that Hill was performing tooth whitening procedures without having the proper documentation to conduct the task.

One Crime Leads to Another

A bungled burglary attempt in Newark, New Jersey not only ended up catching those criminals, but an operator of an illegal dental office as well. According to police spokesman Detective Hubert Henderson, two people were caught breaking into an office space and were charged with burglary. Further investigation showed that the space was actually an illegal dental clinic and when the office proprietor arrived at the scene, they were charged for running an illegal dentist's office.

While dental fraud is not a common occurrence, it is real and the activity happens worldwide. Individuals looking for a dentist need to conduct their due diligence in researching the task to ensure they are not erroneously putting their dental health and general well being at risk.

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