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SomnoMed - A snoring mouthpiece helps control sleep apnea.

Loud snoring caused by obstructive sleep apnea lands more relationships on the rocks than all the meddling in-laws, cheating exes and crazy Vegas bachelorette parties combined. Few things are worse than trying to sleep in the same room as a loved one who snores louder than a 787 revving up for take off. And few conditions have greater health-ruining potential than the breathing problems associated with untreated sleep apnea. Fortunately, effective and affordable obstructive sleep apnea treatment is readily available at dentist near you. It comes in the form of an innovative snoring mouthpiece from SomnoMed.

Pioneering Comfortable Snoring Mouthpiece Solutions

SomnoMed is an international leader in the design and manufacture of premium sleep apnea mouthpiece appliances. Since 2004, SomnoMed has pioneered the development of obstructive sleep apnea treatment solutions that put as much emphasis on the wearer's comfort as they do on relieving the condition. This unique approach has led to a breakthrough in snoring mouthpiece technology: the SomnoDent® Mandibular Advancement Splint, or SomnoDent MAS for short. 

Developed by a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals, including dentist DMDs, ENT specialists and oral surgeons; the SomnoMed SomnoDent snoring mouthpiece is a significant advance in obstructive sleep apnea treatment. The most impressive feature of this groundbreaking snoring mouthpiece -- other than how quickly it works -- is how easy it is to live with.

The design team at SomnoMed has precision engineered the SomnoDent sleep apnea mouthpiece for maximum comfort. It doesn't interfere with the normal opening and closing of the mouth, so wearers can drink, yawn and speak naturally without the hassle of removing the snoring mouthpiece.

How Does the SomnoMed Snoring Mouthpiece Work?

This SomnoDent oral appliance consists of two plates fitted over the top and bottom teeth. A patented coupling mechanism on the lower arch is the reason the SomnoMed sleep apnea mouthpiece is more effective than other stop snoring devices. This key innovation positions the wearer's jaw a little forward of its normal resting position.

Clinical studies have shown that this simple adjustment tightens the soft tissue at the back of the throat. This prevents the partial tissue collapse responsible for moderately annoying "regular" snoring as well as the full tissue collapse that produces the deafening sonic sound storm of obstructive sleep apnea snoring.

Stop Snoring Devices by SomnoMed

If snoring is wrecking your home life and health, it may be time to consider getting fitted with a SomnoMed sleep apnea mouthpiece. Several models are available, including:

SomnoDent MAS / Flex -- This model represents the state-of-the-art in oral-appliance based obstructive sleep apnea treatment. Made from SMH BFlex --a unique soft polymer that won't discolor or attract odors -- the Flex provides superior fit and comfort. With an expected life of 3-5 years, it comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects and breakage.

SomnoDent  MAS Edentulous -- Available in ether acrylic or SMH BFlex, this model is specially designed for patients with no upper teeth. It, too, comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects and breakage.

SomnoDent MAS Acrylic -- Perfect for sleep apnea sufferers on a budget, this model is manufactured from the highest quality acrylic. Durable and extremely comfortable, SomnoMed backs it with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects and breakage.

Everybody Sleeps Better Thanks to SomnoMed

The National Institutes of Health estimate that 18-million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. Millions more "suffer" because their partner's snoring keeps them awake. It's no wonder the demand for stop snoring devices is skyrocketing.  While there are hundreds of obstructive sleep apnea treatment options available, many sleep specialists agree the most effective is the SomnoDent snoring mouthpiece from SomnoMed.

Unlike over-the-counter boil and bite stop snoring devices, the SomnoDent is clinically proven and FDA cleared to treat both snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. Doctors and patients alike view SomnoMed's snoring mouthpiece as a welcome alternative to painful upper airway surgery or cumbersome Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) stop snoring devices that so many people turn to for obstructive sleep apnea treatment.

Next Up! SomnoMed Tackles Sleep Bruxism

Building on the research that led to the development of its respected line of obstructive sleep apnea treatment devices, SomnoMed is introducing the SomnoBruxTM. This release of this customizable occlusal splint for the treatment of sleep related bruxism offers new options for people suffering from the worn teeth, TMJ jaw pain and chronic headaches that are symptomatic of nighttime teeth grinding.

Discover the SomnoMed Difference

A SomnoMed SomnoDent snoring mouthpiece or SomnoBrux splint may dramatically improve your quality of life. To find a SomnoMed preferred dentist near you, click or call us anytime at 1-866-970-9853.