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Nu Radiance® Teeth Whitening

Get results with minimal tooth sensitivity from Nu Radiance®!

We all want a radiant smile with perfectly shiny teeth. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from sensitive teeth. Consequently, teeth whitening is often out of the question for these individuals. Nu Radiance® is a company that understands that even people with sensitive teeth want to be able to obtain the whitest smile possible.

Answering the demand for teeth whiteners crafted for the sensitive types are a healthy mix of take-home teeth whiteners prescribed by your dentist. As always, your dentist will make sure your teeth are healthy and free of tooth decay first. Then, your dentist will make you a custom-fit tray.

Check These Out:

Nu Radiance Traditional™ -- Available in concentrations of 10%, 16% and 22% carbamide peroxide.

Nu Radiance Forté™ -- Combines carbamide peroxide with calcium peroxide.

Nu Radiance Duet™ -- 22 contains 15% carbamide, 30 contains 18% carbamide.

Traditional vs. Forté vs. Duet

The aim for Nu Radiance is a more user-friendly product. This is why they offer three different concentrations of the traditional product. The company suggests wearing the tray for two hours at a time. Of course, consult your dentist first.

Nu Radiance Forté adds an extra element, calcium peroxide, to whiten more quickly that just carbamide alone. The product is packaged in a duel syringe, so that the patient mixes the active ingredients at the time of usage. Forté only requires 30 minutes to an hour.

Duet refines the duel syringe technique, and includes a hydrator and accelerator gel. There is nothing in the product that will disrupt the tissue of the tooth, created for sensitive-free applications. The Duet also offers two strengths so that, once again, you and your dentist can choose the best product for you.

Is Nu Radiance teeth whitening for you? See a cosmetic dentist to find out.