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No-Charge Evaluation

A no-charge evaluation is a chance for you to talk to a dentist about how certain dental care ma...

There are plenty of ways to get general information about health and wellness -- from friends and family to the Internet to your doctor or dentist. But what if you have specific questions about how a certain dental treatment might apply to you? A no-charge evaluation is one way to get the answers you need.

When might you want a no-charge evaluation? If your general dentist thinks you need dental care outside the realm of his or her ability, you may be referred to a dental specialist.  Or you might be considering a cosmetic procedure that your current dentist doesn't offer.

A no-charge evaluation is a great way to get to know what's involved in the procedure before you actually undergo treatment. This knowledge may help reduce dental anxiety down the road.

Getting to Know You

A no-charge evaluation is an opportunity for you to speak with a dentist about how certain dental care may or may not be helpful to you. You and the dentist will discuss treatment options plus the risks and benefits associated with a specific procedure. Here are some common topics:

Dental Implants -- Find out if dental implants could be used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Orthodontics -- An dentist or orthodontist can determine whether you need dental braces and if options such as Invisalign® might work for you.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures -- Consult with a dentist or cosmetic dentist about popular techniques for improving the appearance of your teeth, from veneers to teeth whitening.

Anxiety-Reducing Techniques -- Learn what techniques are available to help ease dental anxiety, including sedation dentistry and conscious sedation.

The no-charge evaluation allows you to not only meet the dentist but also to experience what the dental practice is like. You'll have the chance to see the office, meet the front office staff and assess your comfort level with the overall environment. Should you decide to proceed with treatment, you'll know exactly what to expect from your experience, which can greatly ease dental anxiety.

Set Your Expectations

A no-charge evaluation is an opportunity to ask about a specific dental treatment and find out if you're a candidate. But a no-charge evaluation isn't free dental care. Your visit won't include a clinical dental examination, dental X-rays or dental cleaning. It is simply a chance for you to sit down with the dentist and talk about your dental needs.

Be open and honest with the dentist about exactly what outcome you're hoping for, whether that's less pain, a brighter smile or a smaller gap between your front teeth. Your candor allows the dentist to offer realistic suggestions for further care.

Your Next Move

Hopefully, a no-charge evaluation will help you decide whether a certain dental procedure is right for you. If so, you will need to schedule another visit -- this time to undergo required diagnostic testing. The specific type of care you need will determine the next steps, but common requirements are dental X-rays and a clinical dental examination.

If you're considering a no-charge evaluation, you're ahead of the game! It means you want to be as informed as possible before undergoing dental care. That's one way to reduce dental anxiety. Continue to maintain regular dental visits and practice proper oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy! And if you need to find a pre-screened dentist you'll love, we can help.