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LUMINEERS® by Cerinate®

With LUMINEERS®, you can have a movie star smile without the invasive techniques used for t...

A Bright Idea

A gorgeous grin is a hard-earned asset for many. Previously, a full smile makeover would involve several trips to the dentist's office for the placement of veneers. Enter LUMINEERS® by Cerinate® -- a completely new type of veneer that has been patented by Den-Mat Corporation and made exclusively through the propriety process only available at Cerinate Smile Design Studios.

This brand of veneer is so special because they can be made as thin as a contact lens. Therefore, no painful removal of sensitive tooth structure is needed. In a matter of just a couple of visits, you will have a gleaming bright white smile that is perfectly proportioned for your mouth.

Are Traditional Veneers Bad for My Teeth?

Traditional porcelain dental veneers have been an excellent tool for cosmetic makeovers, but they do require a far more invasive technique. The preparation required for a traditional veneer can be very painful.

Will LUMINEERS® Work for Everyone?

LUMINEERS® work very well in many cases. Some people that might need orthodontic work can be good candidates for LUMINEERS®, possibly saving them several trips to the orthodontist. Some cases of terrible staining, significant damage or severely misaligned teeth will not be eligible for LUMINEERS®, however.

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