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IPS e.max® Dental Crowns

If you need a dental crown or veneers, ask your dentist about IPS e.max.

The bad news is that your dentist says that you need a dental crown. The good news? This is the best time in nearly 3,000 years to get one thanks to the introduction of the IPS e.max crown.

When you think about it, the dental crown is one of history's most remarkable, least remarked upon innovations. It has quietly improved the quality of life for countless millions since the first Etruscan "prosthodontist" used beeswax to affix animal teeth in a patient's mouth more than 2,500 years ago. However, there has been one significant problem with dental crowns since the very beginning. Dental crowns made from the most natural appearing materials (e.g., ivory or porcelain) weren't as durable as those made of stronger, yet aesthetically less appealing materials like gold and silver.

For centuries, dentists and prosthodontists have been seeking the "holy grail": a versatile dental crown material that was natural in appearance, indistinguishable from natural teeth yet strong enough to handle the incredible daily demands of the human mouth. A major leap forward occurred as porcelain veneers evolved into all-ceramic ones; however, some durability issues involving chipping and fracturing remained. At last, the search for the perfect crown appears to be over with the evolution of IPS e.max.

Why Is IPS e.max a Great Choice for Dental Crowns?

In scientific terms, IPS e.max is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic that has been optimized for translucency, durability and strength for use in full anatomical dental restorations. Now, what does this mean to anyone who's not a DDS with a PhD in applied materials? Simply put, with IPS e.max crowns, dental patients finally have the best of both worlds. They can benefit from the beauty of cementable all-ceramic crowns that perfectly match their existing teeth without compromising strength and durability.

IPS e.max Crowns Look Great and Last Virtually Forever

IPS e.max crowns represent a major breakthrough in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. One key advantage is the aesthetics. All-ceramic dental crowns and restorations made from IPS e.max are more natural appearing because they do not have copings. This means it's easier for your dentist or prosthodontist to implant them without revealing the telltale "white line" of the crown's substructure at the gum line. Another advantage of IPS e.max all-ceramic crowns is that because they are milled from a single block of material lithium disilicate material your dentist has greater ability to match your original tooth's color consistency and physical characteristics.

The structural integrity of dental crowns and bridges made from IPS e.max is unprecedented. A recent study presented at the 39th Annual Session of the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics by researchers from the Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics at New York University College of Dentistry (NYU) found that that IPS e.max CAD lithium disilicate ceramic is the most robust all-ceramic material tested to date. When compared to veneered zirconia-based crowns, the most widely used all-ceramic restorative material in modern dentistry, rigorous testing conclusively showed that IPS e.max crowns are far less likely to chip or fracture.

Thanks to its strength and multiple translucencies, IPS e.max offers dentists and prosthodontists an exciting new range of options for creating:

Find Out if IPS e.max Crowns Right Are for You

The verdict is in: Most patients report being exceedingly happy with their IPS e.max dental crowns. In fact, they have a remarkably low remake rate for a product that has been on the market for a relatively short period of time. Should you consider an IPS e.max crown? Only your dentist can determine if a restoration made of IPS e.max is right for you.