Video Dental Tips

Need quick dental advice? Watch any of our dental videos for essential dental tips on root canal therapy and veneers to dental implants and dental anxiety.

Our exclusive video dental tips pack essential information into just a few minutes. Hosted by 1-800-DENTIST's CEO and spokesperson, Fred Joyal, these video dental tips are a fun way to learn about dental treatment plans such as root canal therapy, veneers and teeth whitening, as well as the latest dental technologies. But although the dental tips in our videos are a great way to start learning about dentistry, remember that your dentist is the expert. Be sure to visit a great dentist in your area for complete dental advice!

Dental Therapists, a New Type of Dental Care Provider:

Across the nation, a new type of dental care provider called a dental therapist, is popping up. Many health advocates are supportive of the position to help fill the void created by a national shortage of dentists. However, the American Dental Association is strongly opposed to the mid-level dental care provider role. Learn more about it from

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