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CEREC® Dental Minute

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Advanced dental technologies like CEREC are revolutionizing the way patients experience dentistry. With CEREC, you don’t need multiple appointments to get a single crown; your dentist can diagnose, create and place a crown or porcelain filling in just one visit!

Hi, I'm Fred Joyal and I wanted to tell you about an exciting new change in dentistry. For years if you needed a crown, it had to be done in two appointments.

The dentist would prepare your tooth, make a temporary and then, a week or two later, put on a finished crown. Now there's a new technology called CEREC, which allows a dentist to make a crown right there in the office. CEREC is so advanced that it even uses a 3-D camera to calculate the shape of the crown -- and then a computerized lathe creates the crown in less than 15 minutes. Remarkable -- and the results are fantastic and, no more temporaries.

Dentists are even using CEREC to create porcelain fillings, rather than using amalgam or composite materials. This gives the tooth a long-lasting restoration that matches your natural teeth perfectly. There's never been a better time to see a dentist -- and if you don't have a dentist, call 1-800-DENTIST today and we'll help you find one.