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Dental Technologies

Learn how technologies like CEREC and digital X-rays improve dental visits.

CEREC®: Fred Joyal Interviews Michael Augins

Who better to learn about CEREC than from the president of Sirona? Find out what Michael Augins has to say about CEREC technology in this exclusive interview.

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Galileos: Fred Joyal Interviews Michael Augins

The Galileos 3-D machine allows dentists to create higher-quality dental implants. Watch this exclusive video interview with Michael Augins, the president of Sirona.

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Digital Radiography: Fred Joyal Interviews Michael Augins

In an exclusive interview with Michael Augins, president of Sirona, Fred discusses why digital radiography is great for both patients and dentists.

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Digital Radiography & DIAGNOdent® Dental Minute

When used together, digital radiography and DIAGNOdent can greatly reduce your exposure to radiation! Find out what else these exciting new dental technologies can do.

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CEREC® Dental Minute

Got a minute? Watch this dental video to learn about the benefits of CEREC, a revolutionary dental tool used to place a ceramic dental crown or tooth filling in just one visit.

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