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University of Maryland Dental School

The University of Mayland Dental School is Maryland's leading provider of comprehensive and emergency dental services.

The University of Maryland Dental School offers a range of educational and professional training programs, including:

The University of Maryland Dental School is the direct descendant of the world's first dental college, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery (BCDS), which began training students in 1840. The School has served as a prototype for dental schools that gradually developed in the United States, with an equal emphasis on knowledge of general medicine and development of the technical skills required for dentistry.

Educational Programs

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) -- This program combines a strong base of biological sciences and clinical education with a focus on applying the latest research findings. BCDS was the first dental school in the nation to offer this degree.

Dental Hygiene -- Baltimore College of Dental Surgery offers both a bachelor's and master's degree in dental hygiene.

Residency & Fellowship Programs -- Dentists can work towards specialist certificates in the following professions or participate in advanced dental education programs in the following fields:

Oral Surgery/MD
- Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
Pediatric Dentist
- Pediatric Dentistry Fellowship
- Advanced Education in General Dentistry

Graduate Programs -- Graduate programs in Biomedical Sciences (BS) and Oral and Experimental Pathology provide training toward a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. The PhD in Biomedical Sciences may be combined with a DDS or with another specialty.

Continuing Education -- Baltimore College of Dental Surgery is committed to lifelong learning of oral health professionals in Maryland and the neighboring mid-Atlantic region. To this end, the school provides a range of continuing dental education courses designed to meet the needs of practicing dentists and dental hygienists. Courses are offered at clinics, labs and other simulation facilities of BCDS.

Research Efforts

The University of Maryland Dental School is one of the nation's top research facilities, continually receiving significant funding from the National Institutes of Health. Through its Organized Research Center on Persistent Pain, BCDS is providing national leadership in the understanding of persistent deep tissue pain and how it affects diagnosis and treatment.

The University's Oral Health Services Research explores societal issues that shape dental care. Research provides statistical evidence to support public policy changes.

Through its Student Research Group, BCDS disseminates information about research resources and opportunities, including mentorships, scholarships and seminars.

Patient Care

Baltimore College of Dental Surgery is Maryland's leading provider of comprehensive and emergency dentist services. In fact, nearly 35,000 people are served every year. The University of Maryland Dental School also extends services to the underserved and disadvantaged populations, as well as people living with HIV disease and Medicaid-eligible children. The Special Care program provides easy access and specialized care for medically challenged patients.

Contact Info

The University of Maryland Dental School is located at:

Address:        650 W. Baltimore St.
                     Baltimore, MD  21201

Phone:            (410) 706-7472

Website:         http://www.dental.umaryland.edu/index.html