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University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry

 University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Dentistry offers several courses of study ...

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry combines clinical studies, research opportunities and community service projects to provide a professional education in several fields of dentistry. The only dental school in the Chicago metropolitan area, UIC's College of Dentistry prepares its dental students to provide the best in patient care.

If you're looking to become a dentist, UIC's dental school offers several courses of study. Dental students can obtain one of the following degrees:

Doctor of Dental Surgery -- The UIC College of Dentistry offers a 4-year program for students looking to practice as general dentists. Students who graduate from this program will be able to display the title of "DDS" after their name.

International Dentist Degree Program -- For dentists trained outside of the U.S., UIC offers a 2-year intensive program to prepare them for their license exams. After completion of the program, students will also receive a DDS degree.

PhD in Oral Sciences -- Research-oriented graduate studies prepare students for careers in several biomedical fields pertaining to oral health and diseases.

Dental Specialties -- Upon completion of the DDS program, dentists may opt to continue their studies as specialists. UIC offers certificates to dental specialists who successfully complete their respective programs:

The UIC College of Dentistry's facilities include two research centers, and the college offers an academic center, tutors and a mentor program for student help. Continuing education classes are also available for professional dentists interested in learning new techniques.


As the largest oral healthcare center in the state of Illinois, the UIC College of Dentistry sees 24,000 patients yearly. With the exception of the Allen W. Anderson Faculty Dental Practice, a professional full fee-for-service practice located within the college, the university's dental clinics work on a reduced fee scale, and some accept public aid.

In order to become a patient of the university, your dental conditions must meet the needs of the students. Patients who qualify will receive dental care in one of their various student/teacher clinics. The UIC College of Dentistry provides all forms of general dentistry within its comprehensive care and urgent care units for emergency dentist services. UIC also provides services in any of the dental specialties listed above and provides diagnostic services for those suffering from orofacial pain within its Oral Medicine Clinic.

Through its Division of Prevention and Public Health Sciences, the UIC College of Dentistry is focused on eliminating oral health problems throughout the community. With the help of several public health organizations, the UIC College of Dentistry provides dental health care services for less fortunate and underserved members of the population, including children, the developmentally disabled, senior citizens and HIV patients.

If you're interested in applying to UIC's dental school, contact their admissions office at the number below. You can also answer any questions you might have through the Office of Admission's web pages:

For information on how to become a patient at the College, click on the following link to be directed to the "Patient Information" page: