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UCLA School of Dentistry

 University of California at Los Angeles’s School of Dentistry has extensive post-graduate...

There are several institutions that offer higher learning opportunities throughout the University of California system, but only two of them have professional dental schools. One of these is the University of California, Los Angeles. The UCLA School of Dentistry has earned an excellent reputation as a dental training institution, revolving its curriculum around "teaching, research activities, and public service, which prepare dental students for professional careers dedicated to patient treatment, leadership, and service."

Students complete most of their coursework and training at the Westwood campus in Los Angeles. The UCLA School of Dentistry enrolls 88 new students every year to start the 4-year DDS program.

Although most science courses and labs are taught during the first two years, students will start their clinical experience soon after entering UCLA's dental school. UCLA also offers a joint-degree program for students who want to enroll in MS, MBA or PhD programs while also earning their DDS.

Some dentists may choose to further their studies in a particular area of dentistry. For instance, endodontists provide root canal therapy. A pediatric dentist works primarily with children, while an orthodontist specializes in dental braces. For dentists who are interested in becoming dental specialists, the UCLA School of Dentistry offers post-graduate and residency programs in the following specialties:

Other Programs of Interest

The UCLA School of Dentistry prides itself on its professional program for foreign dentists. Following a summer intensive, students are integrated into the DDS program. Foreign students complete their training with 3rd and 4th year students to obtain their degree and prepare for licensure. UCLA also offers a "Preceptorship Program" for foreign dentists looking to further their training in a dental specialty.

As part of its Continuing Education Program, the UCLA School of Dentistry provides classes, workshops and conferences in various fields of study for dental professionals. One such program is the Esthetic and Contemporary Restorative Dentistry Preceptorship Program, a 2-year curriculum for dentists and laboratory technicians to gain insight and experience in the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry.

Services and Locations

UCLA School of Dentistry provides many dental services, and there are several locations in which patients can receive dental care:

Westwood Campus -- The dental clinics at UCLA's Westwood location provide general dental services, as well as specialty care. There are a total of 19 clinics, including the Children's Dental Center, Faculty Group Dental Practice, Orthodontic Clinic and the Center for Esthetic Dentistry.

Venice Campus -- The Wilson-Jennings-Bloomfield UCLA Venice Dental Center is a community-oriented campus that provides dental services to low-income patients in Venice and surrounding areas.

East Los Angeles Campus -- A clinic for underserved children in the East LA area, the UCLA Children's Dental Center at the Edward R. Roybal Comprehensive Health Center is staffed by 4th year dental students and pediatric residents.

Those interested in patient care or applying to the school should refer to the UCLA School of Dentistry's website for contact information. Patients will be directed to the appropriate UCLA dental clinic, depending on their location and dental needs.

The UCLA School of Dentistry is located at:

Address:         UCLA School of Dentistry
                      Center for the Health Sciences
                      10833 Le Conte Ave.
                      Los Angeles, CA 90095-1668

Phone:            (310) 206-6063