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New York University College of Dentistry

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New York University has an extensive history that has helped establish its College of Dentistry as a top learning institution. Founded in 1865, NYU College of Dentistry boasts being a school of "firsts": Not only was it the first dental school in the state of New York, but NYU College of Dentistry was also the first to establish dental departments for endodontistspediatric dentist programs and implant dentistry.

Located in the heart of Manhattan, NYU College of Dentistry is home to 1,600 students and houses dental clinics that service over 300,000 patients annually. Facilities and programs include a national center for oral cancer information, education, and research; a clinical research center that provides 24-hour patient monitoring; and as part of the NYU Catastrophe Preparedness and Response Center, NYU is taking initiative to prepare dentists to respond to the threat of terrorism. As a leading research institution, NYU is extremely successful in attracting federal funding and offers its dental students various research opportunities.


NYU College of Dentistry's student body includes predoctoral and postdoctoral dental students working toward several degree programs. Successful completion of a NYU dental school program can earn its students one of the following degrees:

DDS -- The goal of NYU's 4-year Doctor of Dental Science program is to provide dental students with a background in biomedical sciences, behavioral sciences and clinical sciences. An emphasis is also placed on the "social issues related to the general health and well-being of the public." Beyond preparing its students for their state boards, graduates of the DDS program will possess the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose, treat and help prevent oral diseases.

Dental Hygiene -- Students can earn an Associate's or Bachelor's degree. The only university-based program of its kind in the state, the Associate in Applied Science Degree program prepares students for the boards for state licensure. The Bachelor of Science Degree program is ideal for dental hygienists interesting in completing their college education.

Advanced Placement DDS -- Internationally-trained dentists can qualify for NYU's Advanced Placement DDS Program, a 3-year full-time program designed to prepare them for licensure in the United States. NYU also offers postgraduate programs for international students as well.

Postgraduate -- The NYU College of Dentistry has one of the most highly respected advanced training institutions in the nation. Educational programs are offered in six dental specialties:

NYU College of Dentistry also offers other areas of study including various Masters of Science and PhD degrees along with fellowship and residency programs. NYU also offers distinct continuing education classes for practicing dentists. NYU dental students can be expected to participate in community outreach programs that include free oral health and oral cancer exams, dental education campaigns and the mobile dental care unit, which provides dental treatment to underserved areas in the state of New York.

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NYU College of Dentistry is located at:

Address:       345 E. 24th Street
                    New York, NY 10010

Phone:          (212) 998-9800