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Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine

The Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine has experienced expansive growth over th...

The Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine emphasizes education, research, patient care and community in its mission to train outstanding dentists. In existence for over half a decade, BUSDM has seen outstanding growth and has established a remarkable record of accomplishment as a learning and health care institution. Some of the school's highlights over the years include:

1958 -- The Boston University School of Medicine developed a department dedicated to the study of the mouth. This department was designed to provide a postdoctoral education in dentistry.

1963 -- The Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry was established.

1972 -- The School started a predoctoral program that eventually became the DMD degree program. From that point, the school's facilities and programs continued to grow rapidly through the 80s.

1989 - The School developed the APEX (Applied Professional Experience) Program where preclinical students gain experience in a dental practice environment.

1990s -- In 1996, the school was renamed the "Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine." The 1990s were also a great period of expansion for the school; the development of several new departments strengthened the school's research and educational systems. During this time the Dental Health Center, which provides dental care to those under the school's dental health plan, was also established.

2000 -- The new Department of General Dentistry and Simulation Learning Center provide an excellent training ground for Boston University's dental students.


With over 700 students, the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine continues to expand and adjust to the demands of ever-changing field of dentistry. Through state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on training, dental students gain real-world experience that prepares them for a challenging and exciting career in health care. Potential students may apply for any of the school's programs:

  • DMD degree (Doctor of Dental Medicine)
  • Two-year program for internationally trained students
  • Advanced certificates and postdoctoral degrees in all of the dental specialties
  • Continuing Education courses including "cruise and learn courses" and online programs

The Boston University School of Dental Medicine emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive dental education. Students receive training in all aspects of professional dentistry including clinical skills, dentist-patient relationships and dental practice management. Besides classroom learning, students work in labs, established dental offices and the community. As part of their commitment to community, BUSDM participates in several oral health initiatives and outreach programs:

Department of Health Policy & Health Services Research -- Founded in 1996, the department was organized to "develop a multifaceted program of research, teaching, population-based care, and community service focused on evidence-based practice."

Division of Community Health Programs -- Through various dental sealant and oral health promotion programs BUSDM provides free dental services and educational programs to the underserved.

Pipeline Programs -- A "pipeline" of various educational and scholarship programs for minorities and economically disadvantaged students to increase their chances of getting into dental school.

Patient Care Center -- Dental students provide quality dental care at affordable prices for the general public. The Patient Care Center at Boston School of Dental Medicine offers preventive, restorative, emergency dentist and specialty services.

Ryan White Care Act -- Established in 1990 to provide health care to HIV and AIDs patients.

Center for Research to Evaluate and Eliminate Dental Disparities (CREEDD) -- The center was designed to help eliminate oral health disparities and educate patients about the importance of dental health care to overall health.


For further information regarding Boston University's dental school, visit their website at The Boston University Goldman College of Dentistry is located at:

Address:        Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine (BUGSDM)
                     Office of Admissions and Student Services 
                     100 East Newton Street G-305
                     Boston, MA 02118 USA

Phone:           (617) 638-4787

Fax:               (617) 638-4798