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Dental School Information

Through continuing education, research funding and dentistry outreach programs, dental associations provide excellent resources for the dental community.

Dental schools provide training for future dentists, dental specialists, researchers, hygienists and assistants using the latest dental technologies and techniques. This section offers future leaders of the dental industry key information on the degree programs, facilities and patient services offered by various accredited dental schools. Whether you're looking to explore career opportunities in the dental industry or are interested in becoming a patient, you can find the dental school resources you need!

USC School of Dentistry

USC is recognized for its award-winning dental faculty and alumni as well as its wide range of dental care services.

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West Coast Dental Schools

Through research and technology, West Coast dental schools are meeting the needs of today's dental students.

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Southern Dental Schools

Southern universities have designed their dental programs to meet the increasing need for dental care.

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Midwest Dental Schools

A quality education and hands-on experience prepare Midwesterners for the challenging but rewarding field of dentistry.

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Northern Dental Schools

As leading educational institutions, Northern dental schools have greatly contributed to their communities.

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Loma Linda University School of Dentistry

Loma Linda University integrates health, science and the Christian faith into its curriculum. In addition to its DDS program, Loma Linda also offers continuing education courses.

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Marquette University School of Dentistry

Marquette offers intensive education in a small-group setting and advanced dental care for children and adults.

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East Coast Dental Schools

East Coast dental schools offer rewarding educations to dental students interested in all aspects of dentistry.

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UCLA School of Dentistry

Renowned for its DDS, post-graduate and foreign student programs, UCLA also provides dental services throughout Los Angeles.

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Texas A & M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry

Baylor trains students in a Dental Simulation Center and provides low-cost dental care to Dallas residents.

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