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Find the Truth Behind Tongue Sores, Enlarged Taste Buds and More with 1-800-DENTIST

The human tongue is comprised of an amazing group of muscles complete with 2,000 to 8,000 taste buds. When the taste receptors work together the devices release saliva to aid in digestion and provides humans with the ability to distinguish the five basic flavor categories including salty, sour, bitter, sweet and savory. However when a taste bud is inflamed or a tongue has sores, the condition may be an indicator of a greater issue.

About Tongue Sores

Tongue sores can cause intense discomfort to those inflicted with the condition and while individuals may think there is something unique about tongue sores, the cause of the inflammation is often associated with canker sores. Nearly five percent of the American population is afflicted with canker sores and are burdened with the painful infirmity that is usually a fraction of an inch in size and features white or yellow centers and a red border.

Generally, tongue sores heal themselves in a couple weeks time and home remedies including a diet of bland foods, conducting warm salt water rinses with frequency and using a pain numbing oral gel may provide some relief. However it is important to note that while tongue sores can be caused by allergic reactions, prescription medicine, stress and infections, the scourge can also indicate more serious medical conditions such as oral cancer, syphilis or vitamin deficiencies.

About Enlarged Taste Buds

The big pain associated with the inflammation of a taste bud is commonly referred to as being an 'enlarged' taste bud. The formal name of the condition is transient lingual papillitis (TLP) or "lie bumps." Enlarged taste buds can be caused by a number of behaviors including eating spicy or acidic foods, ingesting toxins including