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1-800-DENTIST Saves Vacation from Dental Disaster:

What’s worse than a dental emergency? A dental emergency that happens just before you’re supposed to leave on a long-awaited vacation. A recent article in Dental Products Report details how 1-800-DENTIST saved the day for one would-be vacationer who desperately needed to find a dentist in Morgan Hill, CA, with Saturday hours.

Hours before departing on a vacation, Kim Sorenson took a hard fall and fractured her two front teeth. This dental emergency was further complicated by the fact that Kim’s regular general dentist could not be reached on this particular Saturday morning.

Calls to local dentists recommended by friends and family also went unanswered. Calling random dentists in the phone book was equally fruitless. If Kim didn’t find a dentist soon, she would be forced to put off dental treatment until Monday which meant cancelling her vacation.  

It was at this point that Kim remembered seeing TV commercials for 1-800-DENTIST. See “How 1-800-DENTIST saved a patient from a dental emergency, and missing her vacation.”