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Family and Group Dental Insurance

Although dental insurance is commonly taken out on an individual basis, family and group dental insurance are viable options, especially for those with multiple dependents or business owners. Whether you want to secure your family’s oral health or provide additional healthcare benefits for your employees, a family or group dental plan could be the right choice for you. We’ll explore each type of dental plan, including how many people they cover and what’s typically covered within the plan:

Family dental insurance

So, what is family dental insurance? It’s a type of dental insurance, which is designed to cover the oral healthcare needs of your entire family. This helps you manage your dental insurance from one place, rather than having different individual dental plans for each person in your household. Remember, the oral health needs of all families are different, so it’s a good idea to take your time and shop around for a family dental insurance plan that’s well suited to your family. As it can be less expensive to purchase family dental insurance verses individual plans for each person, they can be an effective way to save money.

How many people receive coverage?

Typically, a family dental insurance plan will cover four people. However, it’s perfectly possible to get insurance for more than four people, so it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll have any difficulty in finding a plan which can cover everyone in your family.

Is it right for me?

Family dental insurance is a great choice for everyone looking to provide for the dental healthcare needs of their family. Good dental health is particularly important for younger children and adolescents, which is why it’s important that they get whatever sort of dental care or treatment that they need. Family dental insurance can help you keep costs down while maintaining your family’s oral health.

Group dental insurance

Group dental insurance is most often provided by an employer to their employees as part of an employee benefits package. If you’re an employer looking to boost the benefits you offer your employees, a group dental insurance plan is one of the main ways in which you can do so. Before you take out a plan, you should consider whether you’re likely to need a PPO or DHMO group dental insurance plan. PPO plans are a better bet for businesses which have multiple locations or require their employees to travel for work. For many businesses, flexibility is the first thing they look for in a group plan, which is why a PPO plan may be the right choice.

How many people receive coverage?

Before you choose a plan, make sure that you’ve factored the size of your company into your decision. The type of coverage you’ll need is dependent upon the size of your company and how many employees you have. Small companies need a plan which, primarily, is easy to use, whereas large companies will require more customer service and account management. It’s also worth remembering that different group dental plans are available for companies of various sizes. There are options for small companies (25+), medium-size companies (approximately 251-5000) and large companies (5,000+).

Is it right for me?

Group dental insurance has many benefits, not only for employees but for employers themselves:

  • It can help to reduce employee absences and sick days. With insurance, people are more likely to get the care they need when they need it, rather than waiting too long and needing to take time off work.
  • It can keep your workforce healthy and happy. They’ll be better motivated at work, which means good things for your company’s bottom line.
  • It can help you to retain your best employees. Without a competitive dental insurance package, your most talented employees may be inspired to look elsewhere.

However, group dental insurance plans aren’t always the right option:

  • They can be too expensive, particularly if you’re a younger person who wants to reduce your personal expenses as much as possible.
  • They may not provide coverage for the specialist treatments that you need.

Ultimately, you should work out if the coverage is right for your family or business needs, and make your decision accordingly.

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