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Dental Insurance

More people have dental insurance plans now than ever -- a sign that dental care is not only important to your oral health but your overall health, too. With individual dental insurance, it's easy to stay on top of your dental health! Basic dental health insurance generally covers most of the cost for dental treatments ranging from dental exams and dental cleanings to a tooth filling and tooth extraction. Oftentimes, a more extensive treatment such as a dental crown or a root canal is partially covered, too. Even if you practice good oral hygiene habits, getting professional dental care is essential. Only your dentist can keep the health of your teeth at optimal levels!

Our member dentists accept a variety of dental insurance plans. To find a dentist who accepts your individual dental insurance, search now or call 1-855-217-3840.

HMO and PPO dental plans are the most common types of dental health insurance. Here's the main difference: With an HMO plan you'll have to pay your entire dental bill if you visit a dentist who is out of network; with a PPO plan, you can visit an out-of-network dentist, but you might have to pay a higher co-payment.

Because each dental insurance plan is different, it's essential to understand all the terms prior to scheduling an appointment with a dentist. Be sure to talk to the dental office staff about your individual dental insurance so you'll understand what care is covered and what's not.

Whether you have HMO or PPO dental health insurance, we'll search for a dentist who works with your plan. Search online or call us directly at 1-855-217-3840 for a dentist near you.