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The Strange Dental News Keeps On Coming:

Some stories surrounding dental care, dentistry and teeth may appear to be out of this world but the fact is, man is the cause for the weirdness. At premiere dentist finder, 1-800-DENTIST we are fascinated by stories regarding the choices the human animal makes in regards to their teeth and the teeth of others and have dedicated paragraphs to sharing dental care related anecdote courtesy of  Strange Dental News, More Strange Dental News, Dental News, The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction and Even More Strange Dental News. Fortunately the insanity never stops and here is the latest addition to the Strange Dental News archives.

Thief Targets False Teeth

Missing teeth are not just unattractive but the reality is that the dental problem can cause other issues such as earning less money, having problems attracting a mate, promoting tooth decay, preventing proper nutrition and can inhibit communication. As a result many individuals choose either permanently affixed dental implants or dentures to fix the problem. One women is no longer smiling as her dentures were stolen by brazen thieves in Pennsylvania.

Kathy Saunoras was the victim in this bizarre case according to news reports ( Saunoras said that thieves smashed the window of her sport utility vehicle. Her dentures were the only thing stolen and since false teeth are customized to fit a patient, they will be of no use to the criminal.

Saunoras has proclaimed "They took my teeth, nothing else. They took my teeth." She is not only out the money for the window repair, but she expects to have to pay around $500 to replace her false teeth.

Archer Uses Teeth to Compete

Archery is a sport with a rich history linked to survival and endurance and world champion Jeff Fabry is a leader in the field. Fabry is five-time world championships medalist and three-time Paralympic Games medalist who is aiming for gold in London 2012. While oral hygiene is essential for any athlete looking to gain a competitive edge, it is especially important for Fabry as he needs his teeth to do the job well.

At age 15, Farbry experienced a motorcycle accident that lead to the loss of his right arm above the elbow and his right leg above the knee. He took up archery in 1997 and relies on his teeth to fire with precision. As with most cases, necessity was the mother of invention and his passion for hunting fueled his desire to figure out a way to get back in the action. Fabry now relies on mouthpiece bow attachment (constructed from a nylon dog leash) for his sport and can bites down pull back and fire with the precision required of an elite athlete of his status (

Walmart Selling Teeth?

Walmart is the worlds largest grocery seller and carry a full variety of consumer products including clothing, housewares and car supplies. The retailer also sells accessories such as wallets and one shopper found one loaded with ten human teeth. The discovery was made at a store in Falmouth, MA and one of the chompers even had a filling (