Dental Health Info Article

The Numbers Behind Dental Care:

Thanks to television, teachers and the advice of professional dental care providers, most everyone knows how important oral hygiene is to avoid dental problems and to maintain general health. Despite the importance of dental health, the truth shows that most individuals are not making enough effort to protect their mouth and teeth.

World wide, decreased dental health is impacting millions of individuals. In America tooth decay is considered to be the number one preventable chronic childhood disease. American adults are no better, as estimates suggest around 80 percent of that demographic are unknowingly walking around with gum disease. Most of these dental problems are easily preventable with a little effort, however despite that knowledge the sad truth behind dental care is heart breaking.

Two Minutes Too Long?

Two minutes may not seem like a long time compared to even an hour or a day, but despite that being the recommended time for a proper tooth brushing, many individuals simply do not have that much time to commit to their oral care regime. Numerous studies have analyzed how long adults actually brush their teeth and the reality is that many only dedicate a scant 45 seconds to the task.

Those findings regarding brushing time were released by a recognized UK dental health organization that conducted a study of dental care behaviors in a group of 1,000 adults. Thirty-three percent of the subjects admitted to not brushing their teeth for a complete two minutes. Instead, they used that time for other tasks including childcare, phone calls and rushing to get out of their front door. In this case, the subjects followed the old adage that "ignorance is bliss" as despite their dental neglect they reported that they were handling of the task well.

Dental care experts advise individuals to brush their teeth for a total of two minutes to remove dental plaque (the community of oral bacteria known for causing dental problems). The two minutes should be broken down so individuals can brush each tooth area (defined as both the front and back of upper and lower teeth) sufficiently.

Whiter Teeth Cost $1.4 Billion

Healthy looking teeth are thought to be extremely popular assets and that desire helps fuel the cosmetic dentistry industry. However, in that sector, the teeth bleaching niche has grown by 300 percent over the past few years. Now, estimates suggest that Americans spent $1.4 billion in 2010 to achieve the goal.

The white teeth trend is being implemented via a number of strategies including at-home bleaching kits, professional teeth bleaching by a dentist, whitening toothpastes and even mall kiosks. Each option has both risks and benefits and all are making this a popular revenue stream in both dental offices and retail stores.

Less Than 40% Floss

Anyone who has teeth are encouraged to floss as rumor has it brushing without flossing is like only washing 70 percent of your body in the shower (meaning 30 percent of surfaces are filthy). Sadly, the Journal of the American Dental Association reports that only 10 percent to 40 percent of people report doing the deed with any regularity. The reasons for the dental neglect range from time, unpleasantness of the task and side effects such as bleeding gums, but no matter why, the behavior is contributing to the decline of oral health in Americans and the world's population.

Research conducted by Kelton Research, has shown that most individuals do not acknowledge the process as being an imperative step for preventative dentistry. Instead, flossing is considered to be an act of desperation to remove stuck food or freshen bad breath. Estimates suggest that annually, Americans spend about $200 million on dental floss alone, average approximately 122 yards of dental floss per person. That number is well below the 2190 yards that should be used per year.

When it comes to the facts, cold, hard numbers reveal the startling truth that Americans must do more to improve their dental health and to avoid dental problems. Visiting a dentist twice a year is one important step that can help. Individuals in need of locating a great dentist can rely on 1-800-DENTIST to simplify the task.