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Symbolism of Dental Dreams

Sleeping is a necessary biological function and when it occurs, the body and conscious decision-making are on break. During that time period of suspended sensory activity, dreaming will happen and a person's mind can be filled with imagery including magical lands, odd creatures and unusual scenarios. Subconscious visualizations vary from person to person, however dreams involving teeth, dentistry and dental problems are some of the most common around.

Individuals who take the time to investigate the hidden meanings of their dreams will discover that nearly every online dictionary, community board or article refers to dreams about teeth and the oral cavity. Each person's subconscious vision has different meanings because teeth are so incredibly important.

During waking hours a smile is one of the first things that strangers will notice. Even if no one is looking over, the structures that compose a smile are in constant use to help humans bite, chew, tear and communicate. However, under the mysterious cloak of darkness and slumber, teeth take on new meaning.

Teeth in Dreams

Dreams about missing teeth are extremely common. Since everyone dreams, it is more than likely that you have experienced a dream regarding teeth falling out, rotting teeth or teeth coated in tooth decay. However, the meaning of the subconscious experience will vary greatly from one person to another.

According to online dream dictionary, Dream Moods (, some prevalent meanings surrounding tooth dreams are:

  • A majority of people think a smile is an important physical attribute and individuals feeling awkward about their appearance may dream about tooth loss. The vision can represent insecurities about aging, loss of sexual prowess or a fear of rejection.
  • In real life, tooth loss is embarrassing. When an individual dreams about it the process can represent anxiety regarding looking foolish in a situation.
  • Teeth are essential to biting, chewing and breaking down food and are very powerful tools. Dreaming that teeth are weakened or falling out may represent anxiety surrounding a perceived weakness

Cavity Dreams

Dental cavities are considered to be a chronic condition impacting the dental health of both children and adults. In real life, the condition can cause pain and discomfort. Depending on the source, dreaming about the dental problem can take on new meaning.

Dream Moods suggests that dreaming about cavities can represent feelings of insecurity and a lack of self-confidence. However, the site Dream Analysis ( proposes that dreams about small tooth cavities are linked to reproductive issues while dreams about larger tooth decay problems are connected to the lungs and respiratory system as that organ is the largest cavity in the human body.

Wisdom Teeth Dreams

1-800-DENTIST suggests humans experience wisdom teeth eruption between the ages of 17-25, the time period where children formally enter adulthood and should be gaining wisdom. The process is considered a rite of passage for all and while some people are fine with the extra teeth, others need the devices extracted for various reasons.

Regardless of if wisdom teeth stay put or are pulled, Dream Moods states that dreaming about wisdom teeth indicates new or emerging knowledge. That insight can surround personal self-discovery or can be deciphered as a warning to think clearly about an upcoming event, decision or situation.

No matter what part of the tooth cavity is being dreamed about, the analysis of the head-trip is open to a number of interpretations and views. But, when it comes to actual dental problems facts rule and a skilled dentist is needed to pinpoint the cause and deliver the right treatment as a solution. Individuals looking to find a dentist can call 1-800-DENTIST, 24/7 to get the name of a qualified dentist up to the task at hand.