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Oddest Tooth Tales of 2011:

As 2011 draws to an end, every publication, news show and media source are releasing their lists of the highlights of the year. In order to keep up with those virtual "Jones"1-800-DENTIST, has the three Oddest Tooth Tales of 2011 that can be used to encourage individuals to ensure that dental care stays a top priority in 2012.

During the past year, there were dozens of stories regarding teeth. Steven Colbert helped fill the dental news headlines courtesy of his interview of vampire who foreclosed on his lender, John Lennon's old teeth sold for more than $30k at auction and some celebrities opted to make foolish dental care choices including skipping oral hygiene, using alcohol instead of brushing or even paying to get cosmetic dentistry to show of oodles of diamonds and gold.

Because of the celebrity status, those dental related stories were some of the most popular tooth tales of the past year. However, 1-800-DENTIST wanted to share the tales of fueled by greed, lust and dental neglect in hopes of demonstrating the importance of oral health and how important it is to find a dentist that is trustworthy in order to maintain oral health.

Dad Jailed for Son's Dental Neglect

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs as raising a decent human being takes love, devotion, money and everything it can buy including dental care and nutritious foods. One man who opted to cheap-out on the investment towards his son's dental health learned the hard way the errors of his way and ended up in jail as a result.

Francisco Torres of Eastern Pennsylvania ended up incarcerated as a result of how he handled his teenage son's pleas to be taken to the dentist. Instead of getting his child the emergency dental care he needed, Torres ignored his 14-year-old son's repeated requests for a dental appointment. As time evolved, the tooth pain become unbearable and the teenager tried to pull his teeth with a set of pliers to deal with his dental problems, which only compounded his dental health issues which came to light during his visit to the ER for emergency dental care.

The Express-Times of Easton, PA reported that Torres has an extremely long RAP sheet and combined with his guilty plea on the misdemeanor charge of recklessly endangering another person, he earned another mark on his permanent record. Torres plead guilty to the crime and attributed the situation to dental insurance coverage and his own neglect. Legal experts have estimated that Torres may actually serves 6 to 16 months in jail because of his previous record.

Oral Surgery Triggers Foreign Accent Syndrome

Oregon native, Karen Butler, went to her dentist's office to get dentures permanently affixed in her mouth. Her oral surgery resulted in Butler having both a nicer looking smile and a UK accent that she was not born with. Although the surgery occurred a couple of years ago, the story made headlines in 2011.

According to, after Butler awoke with an accent, she sought the advice of both her dentist and her family physician for a diagnosis. The condition was only properly diagnosed as foreign accent syndrome months later a neurologist in town. Butler now is famous for being one of only 60 reported cases of foreign accent syndrome Aside from the change in her dialect, Butler is reportedly healthy.

Florida's Denture Smack-Down

Florida is one of the most popular places to retire in America resulting in slews of the elderly in town. While many local dentists have the proper bedside manner to deliver great dental care to the frail, one Florida dentist proved otherwise, as complications with an 85 year old patient, her dentures and their combined actions ended up with the dentist being charged with elder abuse. reported that patient Virginia Graham went to visit Dr. Michael Hammond as she was experiencing discomfort with her false teeth. During the exam, the patient reportedly cried out in pain and as a result, she claimed longer wanted the fake teeth, demanded a refund and threw her teeth at Hammond. Hammond tried to clutch the false choppers, Graham tried to grab them back and the two entered an unusual tug-of-war for the devices. It was during this scuffle that Graham's fingers got caught on the device where she was cut and she responded by biting Hammond who then let go of his grip on the dentures.

The deputy who arrived on the scene noted that Graham was bruised from the transgression. Since Hammond had reportedly refused to either return the false teeth or provide a refund, he was charged with false imprisonment, battery, grand theft and elder abuse.

Individuals should use all these stories as a cautionary tale teaching the value of preventative dentistry and professional dental care. Individuals looking for a great dentist can call 1-800-DENTIST, 24/7.