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If You Compliment Her Teeth, You Know You’re in Love. And Possibly Hallucinating.

Adorable and controversial video of hospitalized man falling in love with his wife all over again goes viral.

When Jason Mortensen woke up from hernia surgery he became quickly enchanted with the beautiful woman standing by his side. What he didn’t understand was that the woman was his wife of many years. Their charming exchange is captured in an adorable video that has taken the Internet by storm ala “David After Dentist”.

When Jason learns the woman is his wife, he is visibly delighted. Jason declares he “hit the jackpot” and then hilariously asks to see her face, saying “Whoa!  Your teeth are perfect!”

Watch the video here:

As it often goes with these types of videos, there’s some skepticism whether this is a genuine moment. It seems unlikely someone would be this out-of-it after surgery. Also, Google searches reveal Jason Mortensen was once an actor. (And given the recent discovery that a popular video circulating the Internet now was actually a prank by Jimmy Kimmel, some are even wondering if he’s cooked this up as well.)

What do you think? Do any Los Angeles dentists recognize actor Jason Mortensen? Do you think this is real? Around the office here at 1-800-DENTIST, we can’t decide. But we are sure that complimenting a woman on her teeth is clearly always a great way to express true, genuine love.