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Even More Strange Dental News:

The truth is always stranger than fiction, especially when the tales surround the ridiculous actions humans and when the tales surround topics like dentistry, dental care and teeth, some of the stories may appear to be out of this world. Premiere dentist finder, 1-800-DENTIST has found Even More Strange Dental News stories to join our previous exploration of the topic in the articles entitled Strange Dental News, More Strange Dental News and Dental News, The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

Toy Doubles as Dental Tool

Every year, October 31 marks the happiest time of year for many children as they can sport fake teeth, play dress up and collect pounds of candy from their neighbors. During the annual celebration, many parents become rightfully obsessed with their children's dental care and dental health and any potential dental problems that may be lurking around the corner. However, in 2011, thoughts also turned to some of the Halloween toys produced this time of year, especially the one powerful flashlight that was strong enough to double as a dental tool used to implement some common dental treatments.

The novelty in question is a little flashlight, fashioned to look like a black cat and featuring glowing blue eyes and the ability to "meow" with a simple click of a button. One California dentist, Doctor Peter Karsant, noticed that the glow emitted from the plaything was similar to the light produced by a tool he used in his dentist clinic to harden the composite material used to fix teeth. Karsant tested out his theory and when those eyes were aimed at a patch of the soft composite material, it indeed hardened to the same effect typically relegated to his professional dental tools (

Tooth in Foot

Teeth are some of the strongest elements in the human body, especially when they are properly anchored into a jaw line. However, one man learned just how tough the devices are when visited a hospital emergency room to treat swelling and severe pain in his right foot caused by a tooth.

The patient, a 29 year old Croatian man, originally told medical personnel he had stepped on a piece of glass when visiting the beach. However, over time the truth came out, it turns out that his day at the beach actually involved him delivering a fierce kick to the face of an opponent he was fighting. Examining doctors suggested that the force of the impact knocked his challenger's incisor out and as a result it lodged in the skin between the third and fourth toe on his right foot. The tooth was surgically removed as an abscess had started to form around the tooth (

Paper Clips Used for Root Canals

No two dentists are exactly alike and there are plenty of fake dentists out there who subject their patients to inhuman treatment and even murder. Even worse, there are also real dentists that can cause misery and dental problems, and former U.S. dentist Michael Clair is one of them as he opted to use paper clips as a permanent solution for his patient's root canal.

1-800-DENTIST explains "Root canals are needed when a dental infection, or tooth decay, reaches the pulp chamber of the tooth. The infection destroys the nerves located within the root of the tooth, eventually causing the tooth to die." For years the most common treatment was a tooth extraction, but thanks to technological advancements, root canal therapy involving numbing the area, a dentist drilling through a tooth's crown to remove the pulp, dead nerves and damaged tooth material. Once the area is thoroughly cleaned, the void should be filled with a stainless steal post. Former Massachusetts dentist Clair, opted to fill in that void with a portion of a paper clip instead.

Clair opted to use this strategy as a way to bilk government health programs of $130,000 as while he billed for the post, hey used the paperclips, which cost a fraction of the amount. He is also accused of, assault and battery, illegally prescribing prescription drugs and witness intimidation (

In order to reduce the odds of any of these strange dental news stories from happening to you, avoid kick fighting barefoot and make sure to vet a dentist prior to scheduling an appointment. Individuals who do not have the time to manually search and screen for a dentist can rely on 1-800-DENTIST to do the work for them. All 1-800-DENTIST members have all been screen for education, license, specialties and more prior to being admitted, so YOU can feel safe choosing from the recommendations made by one of our professionally trained operators.