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Cringe Worthy Dental News:

Humans are a baffling species, while one may do everything to ensure their lives are lived ethically, others are happy breaking the moral code; the latter has led to the creation of cautionary tales. Now there are many bizarre stories regarding dentistry, dental care and teeth.  Premiere dentist finder, 1-800-DENTIST is dedicated to sharing  dental health info of all kinds including tales Strange Dental News, More Strange Dental News, Even More Strange Dental News and Dental News, The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

Gold Teeth Ripped From the Dead

Gold is a precious metal that has always been considered valuable. The compound has been used for currency, jewelry and to create idols of worship. The metal is also extremely popular in dentistry to fill dental cavities as it is non-toxic, easy to work with and extremely durable. Sadly, one undertaker could not resist the sparkling temptation glistening from the teeth of corpses under his care and instead has been accused of stealing dental gold from corpses and pawning the dental work for cash.

The economy has impacted countless Americans and in turn the dental care industry. While countless folks have been struggling to pay for dental treatments, many others opt to pay the $900 to $3,000 for gold fillings ( as they can last from 10 to 15 years. Because of the durability of gold fillings, many individuals take their dental work to the grave. Since the decease cannot resist, David Kline used the mouths of the dead as his personal mine.

Kline, worked as a contract embalmer at several Denver-area mortuaries. His crime of pilfering from the dead was reported by local pawnshop brokers as he kept attempting to hock gold crowns at various shops in Colorado. One Longmont storeowner reported the continued, suspicious activity to policy; they eventually recovered multiple bags of gold crowns ripped from the dead and sold to local shops.

When questioned the suspect said he got the endless supply of gold fillings from a relative who was a dentist and coworkers had reported that Kline did not have access to the cremation area where the gold teeth where stored. Investigators eventually searched Kline's house where they found a box containing tools, gold crowns "... two pairs of pliers, a sanding block, tweezers,  sandpaper, vise grips, gloves, and 10 pieces of possible gold," ( AT last account Kline had turned himself into police and is in custody.

Bad Reviews Costing Patients

The advent of the Internet has changed the way everyone does business, including professional dentists. Thanks to the technological advancements, consumers now have the ability to read and post reviews of their experiences with dental care experts, restaurants and local businesses; the negative review posted by one patient is now costing him big bucks as his dentist is billing him for his negative feedback.

Although Freedom of Speech is a political right protected by the Constitution, dentist Stacy Makhnevich forced their patient Robert Lee to sign a privacy prior to MacNeice agreeing to treat a painfully infected cavity. After successfully implementing the dental treatment, Lee received a bill for a whopping $4,766. Lee paid the bill in full out of pocked and opted not to submit to his dental insurance company.

In response, Lee posted two negative reviews and different websites sharing his experience. After discovering the reviews, Makhnevich began invoicing him $100 for each day each review was posted online. Lee also received a letter suggesting a lawsuit for  breaching the privacy agreement ( Only time will tell the end result of this battle.

Routine Tooth Extraction Kills

The growth of wisdom teeth is a rite of passage that typically affects young adults starting at around age 17. While some people experience no dental problems because of the teeth, others need to get the teeth extracted in order to prevent issues like impacted teeth and over crowding. Sadly, one teenager recently died during the simple outpatient procedure and are suing the oral surgeon in response.

Seventeen year old Jenny Olenick of Maryland died after her heart rate and blood oxygen level dropped whine being under general anesthesia. The state's chief medical examiner ruled the cause death to  be hypoxia, when oxygen deprivation occurs while being anesthetized. The case is pending.

Individuals concerned that they are at risk at becoming a headline in Cringe Worthy Dental News can lower the risk of falling victim by ensuring that the professionals they do business with are up to snuff. 1-800-Dentist is a great way to find a dentist as we take the time to screen all our members prior to admitting them to our database. Patients can call us 24/7 to find a dentist and then, feel free to use their own criteria to determine the best dental care provider up to the task.