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Criminal Dental Care Product Uses:

Maintaining oral health is essential to ensure a person avoids developing dental problems or health issues such as heart disease, strokes or diabetes down the line. As a result, manufactures have released countless dental care products such as toothpastes, dental flosses, electric toothbrushes and more. Those gadgets can be incredibly helpful for implementing good at home dental care, enticing consumers and generating billion dollars in sales annually. While most people use the items for the intended dental health purposes, others use the seemingly innocent devices to hand craft weapons, escape from jail and deliver body modifications.

Toothbrushes, A Top Prison Weapon

Most people are familiar with toothbrushes. The device was invented as an improvement on primitive teeth cleaning systems of the past (such as wiping teeth with cloth and ashes). Since the very first toothbrush was mass produced and put up for sale, billions have been sold and tooth brushing has been categorized as a daily must! While dentists will attest that regular tooth brushing can help save lives by lowering the levels of dental plaque, the devices can also be used to kill!

Within the nations' entire prison system, toothbrushes are popular and readily available as those who are incarcerated are encouraged to practice decent oral hygiene. However some inmates don't view the devices as a way to protect teeth, but instead break the brush head off, whittle down the handle and construct shivs out of the seemingly innocent device. Once the makeshift weapon is complete it is utilized either for self-defense or to lead an attack ( Across the nation, hundreds of makeshift toothbrush shivs and other improvised weapons are confiscated on a weekly basis.

Dental Floss Helps Convicts Escape

Dental floss is another toiletry that is deemed a necessity for dental care as using the product is a crucial oral hygiene step. Some experts suggest that brushing without flossing is like only washing 70 percent of one's body in the shower while leaving filth on all the other surface spaces. However, when filth is in the mouth it is not dirt but living communities of oral bacteria that comprise dental plaque and increase the odds of having dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay.

Prisoners are provided with the nylon thread strictly for oral hygiene, but some ingenious criminals have used the dental care products for less savory reasons. Contemporary dental flosses are made out of incredibly strong nylon and the material has been durable enough to help several jailbirds escape their cages.

Some gentlemen serving life sentences have been known to use dental floss combined with abrasive dental powder to slowly saw through bars. Their are various reports of prison breaks that utilized dental floss to cut through prison bars. Other stories surround prisoners using the dental care product to make a rope so they could escape through a window unnoticed.

Electric Toothbrushes for Tattooing

Electric toothbrushes are a great dental care product as the rapid movement of the devices will make it easier for consumers to brush their teeth for the full two minutes recommended by dentists. The device can also be fashioned a rudimentary tattoo gun so people can have their skin permanently inked.

Tattooing is nothing new as the body modification has been used in rituals and in various religion for thousands of years. However, now the art is as commonplace along with other trends such as tongue piercing, gnasher tats and even getting cosmetic dentistry to receive less than perfect teeth.

While most individuals who want to get tattooed tend to go to professional and licensed artists, there are plenty of people who prefer the DIY approach to the craft and instead will take the time to modify electric toothbrushes to permanently alter their flesh. Legend has it that the toothbrush upcycling began in the nation's prison system where inmates would make their own devices to either kill time, modify existing tattoos to confuse prison staff or to indicate gang loyalty. No matter your motivation for converting an electric toothbrush into a tattoo device, the process is relatively easy (