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Celebrity Tooth Industry:

Despite their attempts to be otherwise, celebrities are not just like us, as famous folks are often placed on pedestals. Worldwide, celebrity obsession is the norm; psychologists suggest that there has always been admiration for those who have a higher status. While some individuals simply manage their fixation by clipping articles and checking blog posting regarding their favorite stars, others take their devotion to the next level by trying to get some of their favorite stars DNA courtesy of buying their old teeth.

Even though famous folks have better clothing, looks and homes than the rest of us,  dental problems do not discriminate and can destroy the dental health of the rich and famous as they are human too. However, when a celebrity goes to a dentist to receive dental care that may result in a tooth extraction, their teeth are worth their weight in gold as there are many folks committed to getting a piece of their favorite star.

Dentist to the Stars=Tooth Seller

Dr. Bill Dorfman is a licenced California dentist practicing his artistry near celebrity-studded Beverly Hills. According to his own website ( he has provided professional dentistry to a number of stars including Jessica Simpson, Ozzy Osbourn and Anne Hathaway. He is also a self-proclaimed tooth collector with the goal of turning a profit on the discarded teeth of his famous patients.

Paparazzi from celebrity focused website spotted the dentist outside Rock & Brews in El Segundo. The interviewer asked Dr. Bill Dorfman about pulled teeth, and the dentist volunteered that he has been saving the teeth of some famous folks (after asking their consent) with the ultimate goal of selling them for profit on on-line auction site ( reported that they asked several dentists about the practice implemented by Dr. Dorfman and by their accounts, it is not illegal to keep pulled teeth if a patient does not want to keep them. However, most dental care professional either dispose of the teeth or donate them to dental schools for research.

Selling Celebrity Teeth=Big Business

For some, owning a part of their favorite celebrity (including parts like teeth and dentures) can provide a thrill. It is that devotion to celebrity and supply and demand, that allows those old mouth devices to sell for thousands of dollars at auction.

There is a large variety of celebrity teeth for sale. Beatles' member and rock god John Lennon's teeth recently sold at auction for over $31k. Winston Churchill's dentures sold for over $23k. American born Major League Baseball outfielder Ty Cobb's dentures and those teeth went for $6,500. Until the demand for celebrity teeth dies down, Dr. Bill Dorfman may indeed have the right idea for building a retirement fund.

Tooth of Average Person=$2.60 Value

For every story regarding a celebrity tooth selling for thousands of dollars, there are countless other tales of average folks of all ages losing their teeth.  For hundreds of years the Tooth Fairy has been replacing discarded teeth of non-famous children with cold hard cash. Unlike teeth from famous folks, the average baby tooth now only garners around $2.60. Not only is that amount only pennies versus dollars for celebrity teeth, the value is down from 2010's $3 average per tooth ( .

The financial imbalance for the value of teeth should be enough to encourage the average Jane or Joe to not rely on their missing teeth to generate any revenue for them. Instead, regular folks are encouraged to get preventative dentistry to keep their teeth as they will be more valuable inside their mouths than in the open market. Individuals searching for a dental care provider to assist in the task simply need to call 1-800-Dentist in order to get the name of a provider up to the task.