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Celebrity Teeth Sold to the Highest Bidder:

Certain tabloids proclaim that "celebrities, they are just like us" as they to clean up after their dogs, drink coffee and have dental problems like regular folks. However when celebrity teeth are knocked-out, extracted or fall out those chompers do not always make it to the tooth fairy as they can simply be sold to the general public for a tidy sum.

Celebrity worship is alive and well in America. Whether it unwarranted love for Snooki or Paris or devotion to talented musicians like Davy and Whitney, countless people are star struck. While some fans can easily incorporate their passion for a celebrity as a healthy hobby, others have unhealthy fictional relationships with famous folks to the point that the fantasy acts as a substitution for real life. Regardless of the level of commitment,  seeing a favorite star in the flesh can be exhilarating, and owning a part of them such as teeth and dentures can provide a constant thrill, and that has caused those old devices to sell for thousands of dollars at auction.

John Lennon's Teeth, Sold for More than $31,000

During his lifetime John Lennon made a permanent mark on rock-n-roll. The English talent was one of the most prolific and popular songwriters on  earth.  Lennon was born in Liverpool, formed a local band called The Beatles and the rest is history. Sadly,  Lennon was murdered in New York City in 1980;  thanks to his skills his musical legacy fans will continue to be devoted to him. One follower showed his devotion to the artist by purchasing Lennon's tooth at auction for over $31,000.

Beatlemania was the term coined in response to how the rock group  took the world by storm during their heyday. Millions of devoted followers swooned  over the Beatles. Once such gal was the daughter Lennon's Surrey mansion housekeeper, Dot Jarlett. Rumor has it that Lennon had performed his own tooth extraction and gave Jarlett the remnants of his work to throw out or to give to her daughter who was a huge Beatles fan. Jarlett chose the latter and after decades, the teeth made it too the auction block.

Those teeth went up for sale via Omega  ­Auctions of London on November 5, 2011 and were purchased by a Canadian dentist for the staggering sum. The tooth came with paperwork confirming the  history.

Winston Churchill's Dentures Sold for $23,723

When Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill provided leadership of the United Kingdom during World War II, he earned the reputation of being one of the century's greatest wartime leaders. No doubt, through his illustrious military career, Churchill was stressed and the wear and tear he experienced then probably further compounded his childhood dental problems of tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. Ultimately, those issues caused the great man to lose his teeth and required dentures to fill in the voids behind. A collector bought those fake teeth at action in 2010 for $23,723.

Churchill had multiple sets of fake teeth and the one's sold at auction were dubbed "teeth that saved the world" ( The fake teeth were designed to allow the great leader to keep a soft lisp that became a distinguishing feature of his. Reports indicated that "The false teeth were bought by a British collector of Churchill  memorabilia at an auction in England at three times the estimated price (The false teeth were bought by a British collector of Churchill  memorabilia at an auction in England at three times the estimated price).

Ty Cobb's Dentures Sold for $6,500

Ty Cobb was an American born Major League Baseball outfielder credited with setting dozens of MLB during his career. Aside for his MLB legacy, Cobb became infamous for his eradicate behavior off the field and for his relationship with soda manufacturer Coca-Cola. He is also known for wearing dentures and those teeth were sold in a 1999 action for $6,500.

Rumor has it that Karen Shemonsky, the auction winner and daughter of a dentist still owns Cobb's dentures today. The teeth were reportedly in her home on display with other baseball memorabilia until being donated to the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001.

For every one celebrity there are countless of regular folks who cannot count on generating any return for their discarded teeth. For hundreds of years the Tooth Fairy has been replacing discarded teeth with cold hard cash, but the average non-famous person should only expect about $2.60 per baby tooth, down from 2010's $3 average per tooth ( .

Since regular folks cannot count on their teeth providing a huge revenue stream, the smarter move is instead implementing preventative dentistry to ward off the exorbitant prices associated with restorative dental treatments. Individuals searching for a dental care provider to assist in the task simply need to call 1-800-Dentist in order to get the name of a provider up to the task.