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National Children's Oral Health Foundation

The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation provides funding and educational materials ...

The National Children's Oral Health Foundation®: America's Toothfairy is an organization dedicated to fighting oral disease and promoting overall health for disadvantaged children. The NCOHF serves as a comprehensive resource provider to non-profit pediatric dentist centers across the nation. Its goals are to treat 5 million children most in need through more than 500 centers throughout the United States and to begin providing support for developing nations. 

The NCHOF also hopes to screen and educate over 20 million children through schools and community educational programs that promote good oral health. To date, America's Toothfairy has reached over 650,000 children across the country.

Economically disadvantaged children are twice as likely to have dental problems than peers and few recieve proper treatment. Untreated tooth decay leads to pain, infection and discomfort. It is estimated that 5 million children have dental problems that affect their eating, sleeping and performance in the classroom.

The Foundation links dental professionals, industry leaders, philanthropic individuals and non-profit agencies to form a network of groups and individuals committed to making good oral health and dental care the standard for all children. Since its inception in 2006, the Foundation has expanded its partnerships to include 500 dental centers in the United States and has begun to provide support in developing nations.


The National Children's Oral Health Foundation seeks to provide vital oral health care and dental education to disadvantaged children through treatment centers and community based programs. The Foundation works through its network of affiliates by:

  • Directly funding affiliate children's dental centers
  • Identifying and supporting innovative pediatric dental treatment and education programs
  • Creating the "Toothfairy Island" program that provides a comprehensive oral health education package to affiliates through an interactive, character-based format
  • Developing the Virtual Learning Institute to enable members of the affiliate network to share information of top clinical practices and education materials
  • Developing a program to monitor the progress of all affiliates through the foundation's Scientific Advisory Board  

How You Can Help

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