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The Childrens Dental Center (TCDC)

The Children's Dental Center (TCDC) of Greater Los Angeles is a non-profit dental corporation dedicated to providing dental care to the 1.8 million children in Los Angeles County whose families do not have the financial resources or no dental insurance to visit a dentist in Los Angeles and do not qualify for social service programs. These children of the ‘'working poor‘' often slip between the cracks and are unable to recieve the dental care they need.

The TCDC provides necessary dental care, preventive dental treatment and dental health education programs to promote long-term oral health and treat the immediate needs of children throughout Southern California. The center's staff of dentists, supervisors and dental hygienists serve over 900 children every month with help from dental hygiene students from UCLA, USC, West Los Angeles College and Cerritos College.

The center was created out of a private practice dedicated to enriching the lives of the community through quality dental care in Inglewood, California. In 1995, it was formally opened as a comprehensive, community dental center.


The Children's Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles is both a community resource and treatment center. It provides:

- Prevention through oral health screening and preventive care treatments

- Education programs for children and parents to promote oral health and disease prevention

- Treatment through dental exams, X-rays, cleanings, tooth filling treatment, orthodontic and endodontic (root canal) care and oral surgery


If you are interested in helping to support the work of The Children's Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles or want to find out more about their programs and services, visit their website.

Address: The Children's Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles
300 East Buckthorn Street
Inglewood, CA 90301
Phone: (310) 419-3000
Fax: (310) 677-3087