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Smiles for a Lifetime

Smiles for a Lifetime runs a number of centers in the Los Angeles area to serve low-income families.

As much as everyone needs professional dental health care services, not everyone can afford it. Those who suffer the most are children who, without regular dental visits, are more prone to dental diseases. Benefitting limited-income families, Smiles for a Lifetime is battling the tooth decay epidemic by providing quality oral health care services to children in areas of South Carolina.

Smiles for a Lifetime operates on the philosophy that untreated dental problems will eventually cause pain and affect the child's ability to learn. Between its weekend dental center in Charleston and the four school-based centers in Allendale, Dillon, Manning and Summerton, Smiles for a Lifetime is giving kids who don't have access to dental care the professional treatments necessary to stay healthy and happy. Last year alone, over 3500 children received oral health care services in the Smile centers.

Smiles for a Lifetime employs local dentists, assistants, dental hygienists and dental students in its various clinics. Clinics are located on either middle school, high school or college campuses and service local district students. Services vary from clinic to clinic, providing children with treatments ranging from dental checkups to emergency dentist services.

Founding Fathers

Like many dental charities, Smiles for a Lifetime relies on its sponsors to continue its commitment to oral health care. This award-winning program is funded by several organizations, some focused solely on individual Smiles centers. Smiles for a Lifetime was developed when its parent organization, CommuniCare, recognized the importance of dental health. With over 75% of children in the areas served not having access to dental services, CommuniCare created an innovative program that's both recognized by the dental and health care professions and applauded by the community.

Smiles for a Lifetime is a successful part of CommuniCare, a private-public partnership helping the working uninsured. Through CommuniCare, health providers, health care facilities and pharmaceutical companies can donate their resources to those in need of health care services. Their network includes doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other health care industry members, all of whom are working together to make health care more accessible and affordable.  

How You Can Help

As a parent, it's understandable that you'd be concerned about your child's dental health. If you are a South Carolina resident whose children are in need of dental treatment, you can contact the local Smiles clinic for qualification information. For further details regarding Smiles for a Lifetime, visit their website.

Smiles for a Lifetime
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