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Project: Dentists Care

 Project: Dentists Care was created to provide dental care to low-income Florida residents who d...

Thousands of Florida residents who cannot afford health or dental insurance may not be getting the dental care they need. Project: Dentists Care, or PDC, was created to meet the needs of low-income patients who do not qualify for public aid. Its mission is to establish statewide dental-access programs, covering many Floridians greatly in need of dental care.

Project: Dentists Care was established by the Florida Dental Association to help the underserved. Through the program, dentists volunteer their time, performing various preventive and restorative services for disadvantaged patients throughout the state. Dentists who donate their services not only earn the respect of the dental community, but they can also qualify for continuing education credit for charity work.


While devoted to charity, Project: Dentists Care is also involved in several programs to raise oral health awareness. As part of Children's Dental Health Month in February, PDC members participate in "Give Kids a Smile," an FDA program that provides free dental health care services to children.

Project: Dentists Care is organized into local chapters and works with various partners to cover separate counties and better serve the community. With these organizations, Project: Dentists care helps provide free and reduced-fee services to people throughout the state. Their partners include state governments programs, private practices and nonprofit organizations, all of which are detailed in the Project: Dentists Care Access to Care Resource Guide. Dental offices, clinics and mobile units who participate in this project are updated on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy.

Project: Dentists Care has earned an excellent reputation in the dental community. In 2007 alone, dentists donated over $6 million worth of dental services, and PDC is a prior recipient of the Golden Apple Award for "Excellence in Dental Health Promotion" from the American Dental Association. Project: Dentists Care is "a key example of how state government programs, private health care practitioners and nonprofit dental organizations can work together to improve the health of their local communities."

Fundraising, donations and private grants keep this nonprofit organization alive. Project: Dentists Care receives most of their funding through the Florida Dental Health Foundation, but it also offers several opportunities to make a difference. Besides recruiting volunteers and participating in dental charity events, Project: Dentists Care also accepts dental equipment donations.

Dentists who are interested in donating time, services or equipment to Project: Dental Care can contact the Florida Dental Association at the number listed below. For further information regarding Project: Dentists Care, visit their website.


Project: Dentists Care
1111 E. Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, FL 32308  
(800) 877-9922