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New York State Dental Association

The New York State Dental Association strives to improve the quality of oral health care practic...

Based in Albany, New York, the 17,000-member strong New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) is among the largest constituents of the American Dental Association. Established in 1868, the NYSDA serves as the state's leading voice in matters of legislation on oral health care issues and dental education, furthering the science and technology of dentistry and promoting dental care to state residents.

The NYSDA strives to improve the quality of oral health care practices in New York. By interacting with legislative bodies on the local and state levels, the association acts on behalf of its members and the public at large in advancing or defending policies for strengthening the state of dental care and practice. By offering continuing education courses, the NYSDA helps practicing dentists stay up to speed with the latest in oral care science, practice and procedures.

The NYSDA Foundation

Incorporated in 1980, the Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable corporation that operates with support from the NYSDA. In fostering a statewide approach to the art and science of dental education, technology and practice, the Foundation aims to improve the quality of dental care in New York. Practicing dentists and their staff further their learning by taking part in continuing education courses offered through the Foundation, while researchers can access Foundation grant support and dentistry students can benefit from student aid programs that the Foundation helps to sustain. The Foundation also makes grants available directly to dental universities and programs. Beyond research and academia, the Foundation reaches out to local communities to help build awareness about oral health care, and to provide greater access to dental care.

Members of the NYSDA can take advantage of medical, professional liability and other insurance products, as well as a variety of financial and office support services, all offered at discounted rates.


The official publication of the NYSDA is the New York State Dental Journal, offering peer-reviewed, original articles of significant interest to the dental health community. The Journal is published six months out of the year. During the Journal's "off" months, the NYSDA releases its NYSDA News publication. NYSDA News focuses on news from the association and its members, striving to keep the publication's member readers aware of news and happenings in other branches and regions of the association.